Tolkien Week & My Early B-day Celebration


It’s been buzzing on Twitter today that Sir Peter has left a brief video (41 seconds) on his Facebook page marking the beginning of Tolkien Week and the celebration of the 75th anniversary of the publication of The Hobbit. Here’s a link to TORn’s story:

PJ’s contribution to the celebration will be the debut of the eagerly-anticipated second trailer for TH, set for Wednesday, Sept. 19 (Ooooh. More Thorin, surely. Speaking, fighting, roaring, singing, riding? Can’t wait to see what’s there!) He’s also promising some other goodies for fans during this “exciting, interesting week.” Maybe more Thorin photos amongst them? *sigh*  Although, truthfully, I am having fun exploring all things hobbity these days.

Of course, Thorin’s Second Breakfast celebration is coming up Friday and a combined Bilbo/Frodo Birthday Bash is coming on the 26th of this month. And sandwiched in between all this is yours truly’s own birthday celebration on Sept. 25. I almost feel as if Sir Peter is helping me celebrate early this year!

Thanks, Sir Peter, for the early bday gifts this year. You are one swell guy. Wish I could give you a big bear hug. And ruffle your hair even more.

My copy of the movie tie-in version of The Hobbit, another early birthday gift, should arrive this week, too. Hoping for a few more new photos. Not that I am greedy or anything . . . may all of you have a wonderful Tolkien Week!

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    • Isn’t he just the best?? I watched the first trailer again this morning when Nothing But Trailers was on. Even though I have it recorded on the DVR, there’s something about watching it and knowing other people around the country are also seeing it at the same time–and our beautiful Thorin is in it. *sigh*

  1. Angie, what movie tie-in book are you referring to? One of the list that was released the other week? For some reason I didn’t think any of them were available yet. There’s so much coming out now that it’s getting confusing! And I’m easily confused!!

    • This is actually the paperback version of The Hobbit itself that is the movie tie-in. As opposed to the official movie guide, the movie storybook, the visual companion, the book on the world of hobbits . . . yeah, there’s a lot to get confused over. LOL

    • I just looked at Amazon and my calendar is supposed to arrive October 5 and the movie guide and visual companion are both slated for November 6. Now, I didn’t think this movie tie-in was supposed to ship yet, so it’s possible they may be shipping some of the stuff early. I actually want it to be spread out to spread out the cost–and the fun.

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