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Thorin Love. It’s drivin’ me mad.


It’s makin’ me crazy . . . how ’bout y’all?

Of course, I also have the hots for his CReAtor. Good grief, but those legs!! Yummmmmmy. I’m with Gisborne’sboy, I’d be happy to lick his knees.

I’m in (deeper) love. Thank you, PJ and RA.


Thorin striking a Heathcliff-like pose. *sigh*

Is it my birthday already??? I want to give Peter Jackson AND Richard Armitage big bear hugs.  Stuff is popping up all over the place and my head is spinning.

The smile. The legs.  The gorgeousness!!

Link to alternate Vblog 8 at allocine, from which the above cap came:

*Sorry, vid has apparently been taken down*


Trailer Photo Teaser & More Porter for your Pleasure


Just to remind you all, the newest trailer for The Hobbit is set to debut tomorrow (Wednesday) and according to the official Hobbit Movie twitter account, it will appear at iTunes Trailers at 10 a.m. EST. It’s also supposed to be broadcast and start appearing in movie theaters around the world as well.  Satellite feeds are tentatively scheduled for 14:00 Greenwich Mean Time and 17:99 GMT, satellite coordinate TBA.  Are y’all as excited as I am? Hoping, of course, to get more Richard Armitage as Thorin Oakenshield. 😉

Here is a photo that is a teaser for the trailer:

Bilbo looks properly awed, doesn’t he? (Courtesy of mymiddleearth.com)

More activities are planned for Friday, including the Second Breakfast, and Saturday, when the combined Bilbo/Frodo birthday celebration is set (they were said to be born on the same day some 78 years apart). 

In the meantime, let’s enjoy more of that sexy, resourceful, tough and tender hero named Sergeant John Porter, shall we? Remember, Superman wears JP pajamas . . .