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Thorin Thursday: World Domination is Inevitable


I really do anticipate world domination by a certain charismatic dwarf.

Mr. Armitage does certain things to me. You know, those visceral reactions.

I love Thorin’s expression here. And Bilbo’s.  Now, I really must wind down and try to get some sleep.

Thorin is epic. I am besotted.


Sure, they’ve chopped more than a foot off his height and padded him to make him look short and stocky. They’ve bushed up his eyebrows, weighed him down in yak hair and built up his nose. Never mind. Richard Armitage as Thorin is still freakin’ gorgeous. The eyes. The voice. The PRESENCE.  It’s going to be an epic performance in an epic film (s).
I’m sure everyone has seen the trailer by now, but just in case . . .

Once I got the trailer downloaded, I watched it–well, several times, let’s say.  LOTS of Thorin. And lots of Thorin’s voice. What a thrill it will be to hear that voice in the theater in Surround Sound. If ever a voice was made to grace the big screen, it’s Mr. Armitage’s. I fear I shall turn into the proverbial puddle of goo when I see the film. *sigh*

I am glad to see the humor promised by PJ will be in the films–I knew they couldn’t come up with dwarfs that looked as comical as some of these guys do and not give us some laughs. The visuals are gorgeous, both location shoots and the sets/green screen effects, and did I mention that Thorin fellow? He grabs you from the get-go. I woke up with a major sinus/allergy attack underway and it would have been a miserable day–but then Thorin and Company saved it for me.  Oh, what a silly, blissful fangurl I feel like today!!

Of course, you all know me. I had to play with some of the screencaps.

:Loved the little smile and tilt of the head here.

You just know this fellow is an inspiring leader. Flawed and conflicted, sure–but also charismatic and unafraid to lead his company into the fray.

Mr. Oakenshield, you’re so purty.

I must confess, when I heard Thorin’s reply to Elrond, “Whot of it?” said with a familiar defensive stroppiness, I grinned. There was definitely undercurrents of a certain dark knight in that tone.  Me likee!

I’ve some more things but those can wait until tomorrow.   Tired, sticky-eyed, achy, with a sore throat–and happy.