Thorin is epic. I am besotted.


Sure, they’ve chopped more than a foot off his height and padded him to make him look short and stocky. They’ve bushed up his eyebrows, weighed him down in yak hair and built up his nose. Never mind. Richard Armitage as Thorin is still freakin’ gorgeous. The eyes. The voice. The PRESENCE.  It’s going to be an epic performance in an epic film (s).
I’m sure everyone has seen the trailer by now, but just in case . . .

Once I got the trailer downloaded, I watched it–well, several times, let’s say.  LOTS of Thorin. And lots of Thorin’s voice. What a thrill it will be to hear that voice in the theater in Surround Sound. If ever a voice was made to grace the big screen, it’s Mr. Armitage’s. I fear I shall turn into the proverbial puddle of goo when I see the film. *sigh*

I am glad to see the humor promised by PJ will be in the films–I knew they couldn’t come up with dwarfs that looked as comical as some of these guys do and not give us some laughs. The visuals are gorgeous, both location shoots and the sets/green screen effects, and did I mention that Thorin fellow? He grabs you from the get-go. I woke up with a major sinus/allergy attack underway and it would have been a miserable day–but then Thorin and Company saved it for me.  Oh, what a silly, blissful fangurl I feel like today!!

Of course, you all know me. I had to play with some of the screencaps.

:Loved the little smile and tilt of the head here.

You just know this fellow is an inspiring leader. Flawed and conflicted, sure–but also charismatic and unafraid to lead his company into the fray.

Mr. Oakenshield, you’re so purty.

I must confess, when I heard Thorin’s reply to Elrond, “Whot of it?” said with a familiar defensive stroppiness, I grinned. There was definitely undercurrents of a certain dark knight in that tone.  Me likee!

I’ve some more things but those can wait until tomorrow.   Tired, sticky-eyed, achy, with a sore throat–and happy.

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  1. Lost count how many times I’ve watched it already!!!!!!!!!!!!! It is not only his eyes and voice which capture your attention but also how darned REGAL he looks!! I hope no-one in their right minds will now question the fact that Richard was the perfect choice to bring Thorin to life. I really am desperate for the world to see this beautiful man in all his glory and recognize him for the multi-talented actor he is! I’m mush already and it’s only September!! 😉

    • That’s why I referenced his presence. It’s the regalness, the gravitas. Very king-like, indeed. I am sure there will still be a few grumblers but the fact is there will ALWAYS be some nay-sayers who will not be happy no matter what. I am sure they will definitely be in the minority.

    • MORE besotted. I don’t see how I keep getting besotteder LOL but I do. I think there are going to be a lot of fine performances, but I am especially eager for all the people who are not familiar with his work and/or had doubts about him playing the role, to see him strut his acting stuff as Thorin.

    • The more bits we see of this movie – and Thorin of course – the tougher it is becoming to wait for December! Definitely much MUCH more besotted!! 😀

  2. I have had the best time watching this trailer over and over as well. Richard is soooooo terrific! When you see how little he really is compared to the “normal” sized folks, it’s almost a shock because Richard is so kingly and powerful. All of the doubters are going to be pleasantly surprised by Richard!!

    Based on my continued giggling, squealing, and crying while watching the trailer, I’m beginning to get a little worried that I’ll be kicked out of the theater in December!! I think I’ll need either a wash cloth to cram in my mouth or a sound proof booth!

    • And I think that is part of what made Richard a good choice for the role. his natural physicality, that innate regalness, charisma and of course, that beautiful, expressive, authoritative voice. He so much looks and sounds the part of a king in the way he carries himself, with that noble profile–so even when you shrink him on screen, he’s still got those qualities.

  3. Definite lack of sleep last night, after staying up late to catch the trailer, and spending ages on Tumblr, it was going crazy over there. I’m still on a high… so thrilled with what I’ve seen in this trailer, especially Thorin of course. Despite his lack of height (still weird seeing him that short!) he exudes such authority and charisma…and that voice! I’m a puddle of goo whenever I hear it. Definite shades of our gorgeous knight when he responds to Elrond! I loaded the audio onto my iPod and listened to it a few more times before I finally went off to sleep.
    We’ve said it before, we shouldn’t be wishing time away, but jeez, the wait for this movie is killing me. Like you Angie, I’m eager for people to see what he can do. Ooohhh, I’m so proud of him I could burst and much more besotted than ever too. 😀

    • That little moment of Guy shining through tickled me to death. Ladywriter will have to explore this further with Sir Guy.
      I can’t wait for everyone to see what a fantastic actor and potent screen presence this man is. I am both amazingly happy for him and so proud of him.

      • Yes — It’s almost like a palimpsest of Guy, where just for a moment you had a glimpse of what had been written before, but erased to create Thorin.

    • Another part of this man’s charisma that is so crazy is that so many of us are as proud of him as his own mother must be (or pretty darn close!).

      • Yes. I think it’s knowing the kind of person he appears to be above and beyond his talent–this modest, self-effacing, hard working, dedicated professional who is also very good to and appreciative of his fans–that makes us root for him and want to see him get the attention and accolades he deserves. We want our nice guy to finish first!! And I do feel as pleased as Punch and so proud, as if he was a close friend or family member.

  4. I set my alarm for 7 am when it was due to air our time but couldn’t get any of the links to work and gave up for a while and went back to bed! I dropped off for a bit but couldn’t wait to shower first before going back to my PC. The wait was worth it – and how!!! I had to watch it several times before I could drag myself away! 😉 Richard may be short of stature in the movie but his performance totally makes up for that. I keep referring to his eyes but they really are striking and they say a lot more than his words do!! I can’t help but go back every so often to have another look! “Besotted” is almost an understatement!!! 😀

  5. Besotted, utterly, madly, deeply. Yes, Thorin, me, I have a willing heart… Richard is just amazing. What that man can do with his voice, his presence, his eyes! (Sorry about the allergy troubles. Allergy attack has hit here, too, and the server has been acting up or I would have been here before now.)

  6. I’m beyond besotted! 🙂 Late to the party too, due to PC problems (didn’t bring the laptop home last night) but boy did the trailer blow me completely away!!! A-ma-zing! RIchard is going to be “hot property” come December…

    • I figured you’d been delayed in seeing it or we would have heard from you much earlier. 😉 Richard has moved up to the top 500 at IMDB and I reckon that’s only going to continue to climb the closer to December we get . . . roll on Hobbit publicity machine, roll on!

      I hear the cast is going to be on the Today Show on November 28.

      • Top 500! I don’t know just what this means, how it’s calculated, but it looks good on paper…err…screen. His star is rising! 🙂

        • If you think of the huge number of actors and films they have in their database, it is VERY good. That means there are lots of hits related to him. People’s curiosity has been piqued and their interest captured. I am sure that has a lot to do with the amazing trailer . . . and I only see that interest increasing as the publicity machine kicks into higher gear.

          • Thanks Angie, that’s what I thought, but I haven’t looked closely at how IMDB works so wasn’t sure. So…it basically confirms what we’ve known all along would happen!! 😉

            • Yes, quite often when a film or television show debuts and a particular actor catches people’s fancy, you see their numbers go up at IMDB as people start researching them. Or in anticipation of a huge film like this. I think for his numbers to rise so much with the film still three months away is a very positive sign. 😀

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