Thorin Thursday: World Domination is Inevitable


I really do anticipate world domination by a certain charismatic dwarf.

Mr. Armitage does certain things to me. You know, those visceral reactions.

I love Thorin’s expression here. And Bilbo’s.  Now, I really must wind down and try to get some sleep.

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  1. I knew Richard would impress me but I confess I’m quite overcome by how amazing he looked – and sounded – throughout. 😉 All of his costumes are superb! Kudos to the designer and those obviously very skilled folk who made them. I especially like those blue tones as they bring out the colour of his eyes and I love the way the fur on the collar he wears moves as he runs!! The expression on his face when he looks intently at Bilbo and says, “So this is the Hobbit”! Priceless!! 😀

    • The color scheme of the outfit works beautifully with his eyes, hair and complexion. He looks every inch the dwarf king and warrior. The costume department did a fabulous job with everyone’s look, it seems. Lots of talent and creativity there. There seems to be a twinge of amusement in those eyes when he looks at Bilbo.

  2. To me his eyes were quite kindly at this point, rather than with the fierce warrior expression we’ve become used to seeing up until now. Nearly 24 hours later and I’m still feeling the breathtaking and swoon-inducing effects of the sight and sound of him in the trailer. He is simply magnificent, and I can’t wait to see him on the big, big screen and hear that rumble through the surround sound system.

    • Richard…big screen…surround sound… I’m really going to need a sound proof booth with very cool air conditioning!! Women are going to be going crazy all around the globe. 😀

      • Seeing the movie at a theatre quite a way from home, where no one is likely to know me, is looking like a sensible move on my part, given that I don’t think I’ll be able to control myself! 😀

        • Hop on over here Mezz!! Yeah it’s a long flight but we could go to a theatre that isn’t close to where I live and be out of control together!! LOL 😀

          I’ll probably be going with some of my older grandkids (all in their 20’s) so they might end up pretending they don’t know me!! 😉

            • I think we’d have a blast Mezz, I really do! We all seem to live SO far away from eachother which is sad. 😦 I’m sure there a lot more RAdmirers out there than we will ever know as they don’t reveal themselves. Such a great pity. I mean they could be living in my neighbourhood for all I know and our paths in all likelihood will never cross! I have only met one other person who “loves” him and she is a friend of my granddaughter’s who is her early 20’s and lives some distance from here. Not so easy to tell someone that age how I REALLY feel about him!! 😉 They would think I was more than a little crazy!

              • I am hoping as RA becomes better known that more people will delurk and let their Armitage flag fly. We shall see. I am excited to know there is someone else here in Alabama-Jas-albeit up in North Alabama and still a good distance away. But at least in the same state! At least you do know some folks online, Teutcher, who are fans and closer to your age. Although I think Richard makes us all feel like teens again. 😉

              • Honestly Angie, I don’t know what I’d do if I didn’t have all of you to “talk” to! I know none of you are my age but I also know that age doesn’t seem to come into the equation when it comes to Richard, something I’ll always be thankful for. Regardless of age, we all seem to be on the same wavelength in our admiration for this utterly unique and loveable man. I hope it wouldn’t scare him to death to know he has “friends” THIS old!! LOL

        • I was thinking the exact same thing. I just can’t vouch for my reaction at all. I’m really afraid I’m going to cry when he firsts shows up – just from seeing him in this huge role in this huge production.

    • I think we will see so many different emotions in Thorin as crafted by Richard–a much more fully fleshed out characterization than was given to us in the book. And yes, he is magnificent, awesome, spendid . . . *sigh*

  3. I just don’t know how I will be able to behave myself in a decent manner when I see him on big screen! What if I start screaming or have fatal breathing problems? I mean, really, I’m a grown woman but fear I won’t be able to contain myself.

    If possible, I will choose the biggest cinema in Finland, with a HUGE screen-no matter how fatal it will be 😉

  4. I only just watched it the trailer (still no internet connection at the office- prehistoric PC at home keeps freezing ) and Oh.My.God. What an amazing screen presence he has! Love love love love the new trailer, it’s so funny and visually stunning too! Sir Peter, thank you from the bottom of my heart!

    • I think I’m beginning to understand Sir Peter a little better. 😉 I think he knew darned well the effect Thorin would have on us so that is why we didn’t see very much of him in some of the vlogs! He kept him under wraps for the most part and only gave us little glimpses here and there and as we know, Richard sometimes didn’t even talk! Now some more of him has been unleashed and just see the result!! 😀

      • Sir Peter is a very canny man, indeed. I think he knows EXACTLY what he’s doing. Doling out tidbits here and there to whet our appetites whilst still creating a certain air of mystery surrounding the warrior dwarf. The anticipation is only heightened. And then he gives us THIS. Thorin in action, greeting Bilbo with that smile, giving the dwarfs a rousing speech, letting us hear that wonderful voice, seeing the warrior dwarf’s steely determination, the fire in his eyes, yes, even his stroppiness with Elrond–and that fantastic shot of him against the night sky . . . positively epic.

        He’s very, very wily.

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