Guyday Friday: Kickin’ it off with those prize thighs


Am fighting to stay awake until my latest video finishes uploading, which should be 12:15 or so . It is now 10:45. I am going to go ahead and post this kickoff to Guyday Friday, a little homage to Sir Guy’s thighs, just one part of those  lean, luscious legs we all admire.

Ah, those horseman’s thighs of yours, Sir Guy. Even better when encased in buttery soft black leather. Lucky Richie!

Ah, the joys of those thighs in motion!

And on those many occasions when Marian is once again fibbing to poor old Guy, I long for him to say this to her:

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  1. Loving the poem and the gifs!! When he walks towards the camera with those long strides and his hips are swinging . . . . . **guh**! 😉 The leather just added to the effect! Until Richard came along, I don’t ever remember commenting on a GUY’S legs before!! He changed all that. 🙂 Yet another example of how he makes us do things we wouldn’t otherwise! I’m very partial to watching him run too. 😉

    • It’s great that Guy and thighs rhymes. 😉 Ah, yes, the Gisborne Hip Swivel. And watching him on horseback, riding slowly with that hip action going. *guh* Poetry in motion!! I’ve never noticed legs much either, unless they were unusually scrawny and thus caught my attention. Definitely NOT the case with RA. Yes, he’s beautiful running. *sigh*

      • ANd don’t forget the Guy undulating hip action…Being a tennis fan I’ve always had a thing for guys’ legs. I remember Andre Agassi used to wax his legs (*shudder*), they looked like chicken drumsticks. My tennis God, Roger Federer has a great pair of legs, maybe it’s a Leo trait, having fantastic, perfectly formed, lean but muscular legs! 🙂

        • Not a Leo trait, unfortunately. I’ve known enough of them who were wanting in that department. Guy, on the other hand, demonstrates how magnificent a man’s thighs and hips can be. Between a history of dance and the Hood academy, Richard made Guy move like a demigod — arrogant and domineering, at times, dangerous, sensual, strong and confident, so damned beautiful.

        • Roger Federer has a great everything. Being a lover of tennis and before becoming acquainted with RA, Roger was the only celebrity I was a serious fan of. I watch his matches on TV whenever I can, not only because he is also a beautiful class act, but because his career may soon end because of age.

          Not so with Richard Armitage, who just gets better and better, in every way except youth, with age. He will soon get a big boost from having tis talents exposed to a wider audience. We will be able to appreciate his legs, hips, swagger and all, especially the unending variety of expressions on his beautiful face, for many decades to come. Clint Eastwood is still making movies at 83. Maggie Smith remains fabulous.

          I myself might not live long enough to see it all, but I intend to try. Can centenarians still be fangurls? The Armitage Effect is indeed rejeuvenating!

          • YAY, a fellow Federer fan! *waves maniacally* Who knows what the future might bring for King Roger, he’s back at number 1, won Wimbledon for the 7th time, said he might carry on until Rio…I certainly hope so! We’ll see! Yes, Dame Maggie is an absolute treasure, how great was she in the first episode of season 3 of Downton Abbey? Those quips, the way she delivers them, priceless!

            • Sadly, I think we have to wait until next year to see season 3 here in Canada and perhaps all of North America, although I’m not sure about the latter. 😦

    • Another example of “great minds” Mezz!! I loved when he said that and then strides towards her in all his leather-clad glory!! Oh my!! How gorgeous can one man be???? Watching that scene certainly induced a reaction on my part. 😉 I feel a swoon coming on!!!!!!!!! I think I’ll have to watch RH all over again. 😀 It’s amazing how we are still entranced by Guy after all these years, yet it shouldn’t really surprise me when I stop to think how long we’ve loved John Thornton! 🙂

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