Like a bridge . . .


We all need our bridges over troubled water from time to time in our lives. Right now, this song seems to particularly touch my heart. And Art Garfunkel–what an angelic voice! What a talent.

Again, thank you to everyone for your words of encouragement and support. Here are some lovely images of Mr. A’s characters serving as and discovering their own bridges  over troubled water. It’s my thank you to you all.

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  1. A lovely post, Angie. We all need a “bridge over troubled waters” at times. Yes, life is a gift, but as you and the chaRActers show us, it is not always kind. It takes all we have to persevere and you are just as heroic as any of the chaRActers for doing so.

    • Yes, sometimes it’s very hard and sad, but there are the joys, too, thank goodness. As for myself, I don’t feel very heroic or brave at all, I just keep muddling along as best I can.

      • I keep a wet washcloth in a bowl next to me on days like that. Works better than tissues… The last couple of days, I’ve needed one, but fortunately, I’ve not had to unstick my eyelashes on waking, not yet. (Maybe I need a handsome seeing-eye knight to assist me?)Hope you continue to feel better. Still sending heartfelt good wishes and love your way.

  2. Your amazing pictures always make ME feel better. I hope some of the sad has lifted.

    Another person whose story might help you is the author, Laura Hillenbrand, who wrote the bestsellers, SEABISCUIT, and more recently, UNBROKEN. Her own personal story is unbelieveable. She suffers from chronic fatigue syndrome. She must live in a very limited, confined personal space. She does all her work on the internet, can’t even go down the road a few miles to be interviewed in a studio, yet look at the success, both artistic and financial, of just two books. I heard her interviewed on The Diane Rehm Show, on WAMU, A public radio station out of American Univ in D.C. I think they have archives that can be searched to find this interview which came out at the time of SEABISCUIT. Or just google her name.

    Your hope is with the internet, which has become the world’s library. Malheureusement, you, and also we who profit from being your fans, will most likely have less time to spend savoring the many beauties of our favorite actor.

    • I remember reading about Laura when Seabiscuit came out and how she dealt with CFS. CFS and FMS have similarities, although CFS has a higher degree of fatigue vs. pain and FMS of pain vs. fatigue. I rely on the Internet and on books I obtain online. My library resources are somewhat limited here in terms of research materials so I do the best I can with the tools I can access.

  3. I love S&G´s songs and as you says,Angie, Gurfunkel has an angel voice. No need to mention that your RA artwork are amazing.I love all of them. I dont know how you can find such inspiration each day to do them. Each one is different, but no less adorable than another one.
    …troubled waters always will exist in a period of ours lives, but the consolation is that almost everyone has special someone that we´ll help to endure them.
    Have a GReAt Sunday!
    Ps:sorry, my english!

    • Yes, we all go through dark times, but thank goodness there are those who help us through those difficult days. I have quite a stockpile now of artwork, although I seem to keep adding to the pile. Mr. Armitage is very inspiring. I am glad you enjoy it. 😀

  4. Where would some of us be today if we hadn’t had a friend or family member (or our faith) to see us though the tough times – some of them so hard to experience that they seemed insurmountable at the time?

    I heard the story today of a teenaged boy who was clearing everything out of his school locker because he planned to commit suicide and would therefore not be returning. As he did so, he dropped some of his books and another boy picked them up, introduced himself and chatted to him for a while. His actions changed the course that young boy had planned to take. The books and things went back into the locker and all because someone had taken the time to notice him and talk with him. We may never know when we might be the means of turning a life around by a simple act of kindness.

    I have an idea that there is an innate kindness in Richard himself that shines through in the characters he portrays so that even though that character is “bad” yet he has to find its antithesis as we see in Guy for example.

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