Dental Bliss courtesy of RA? I think it would work


So, I was looking for something light and fun to watch this morning. And I ran across a 1997 documentary titled Trekkies featuring a variety of Star Trek fans of all ages and backgrounds along with cast members from the original show and its spin-offs.

I watched the original ST as a child, crushed on Mr. Spock and have a soft spot for that lovable ham, William Shatner. Later I was a fan of The Next Generation and other spin-off shows and films. I decided resistance was futile and I settled back to watch it.

It’s a really fun and interesting documentary, even if you aren’t a Star Trek fan. But the thing that particularly piqued my interest was the Star Trek dental office. The dentist and his wife were dedicated Trekkies and the office was literally filled with all sorts of Star Trek memorabilia. Even the staff dressed in uniforms straight off the Starship Enterprise. Check it out in the trailer below. Star Base Dental appears at the 53 second mark:

Like a lot of people, I have no great love of going to the dentist, even though my doc is a nice guy. The sound of a drill is equivalent to nails scratching on a chalkboard in terms of sending a very unpleasant shiver down my spine. 

But–I can only think I would find the dental offices much more appealing with a—Richarding Theme!

Screencaps and promo stills of Richard Armitage hanging on the walls, life-size cardboard cutouts of Richard and his various chaRActers scattered around, Richard’s velvet and honey baritone caressing my ears through the loudspeakers of the office’s stereo system. The waiting room would have a television with DVDs of RA’s work/interviews/fanvids running continuously.

The sight and sound of RA all around me would surely help put me into a state of dental bliss . . .

Of course, if my dentist looked like RA, that would be dandy, too–although I fear I really would do some serious drooling . . . ah, it would be worth it!!

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  1. Heh-heh. Yeah, gimme a little NO and put on the headphones with Richard’s voice saying soothing things, maybe reading a bedtime story, maybe add some virtual reality goggles with images, and even the most extensive dental work would no longer be daunting (not until you got the bill!!)

    P.S. My cat used to jump up on the bathroom counter so I could floss his teeth after I did mine. He liked the mint-flavoured kind, which makes sense because catnip is part of the mint family.

    • Thumper has been known to steal dental floss out of the wastebasket. No mean feat when you are missing a back leg. She stretched out her neck, put her chin on the rim of it and tipped it over.Unfortunately, she also swallowed some one day. Benny looked at her and turned and said to me, “Uhmmmm–I think Thumper has dental floss sticking out of her butt.” Sure enough, she did. Benny then held her while I removed it. She was terribly offended but I told her it beat having it wind around her intestines. *sigh*

      The virtual reality goggles would be a nice addition. 😉

  2. What a clever idea 🙂 Maybe I should listen to my mp3 player the next time I go the dentist’s. That would make it all almost pleasant. Luckily, I usually need only a couple of appointments. If I heard his lovely voice too many times at my dentist’s, hearing him at home might bring the drill sound to my mind 😉

  3. I’m still absolutely terrified of going to the dentist even though I know it rarely hurts nowadays. It brings back horrid memories of dentistry as I experienced it in the UK from childhood on. For example, fillings done with no and I mean NO anaesthetic and extractions with very little!! The sound of a drill still gives me the heebie jeebies after all these years. My daughter, who can actually doze off while having dental work done, (can’t believe any daughter of mine could do that!!) now goes to a dentist not far from where I live and she’s been trying to get me to go there. Apparently he is not only a great dentist and a really nice guy, but gorgeous to boot!! Even that hasn’t enticed me so far! I’ll keep you posted but don’t hold your breath. 😀

    If Richard was there I have no doubt I would be there in the blink of an eye. Now I wonder if I can bring my own DVD’s with me to our local guy? That might do the trick!! 😉

    • I know what you mean. Being born with very little enamel and having a cross-bite, with parents who would not pay for anaesthetic, I went through a lot of traumatic dentistry as a child. It took my secretary to make an appointment for me (and go with me) when I had a job with good dental insurance. My dentist here is great and I know he’d let me bring CDs or an mp3 player, but the DVDs would get in the way.

  4. I was terrified the first time I went to the dentist. I pitched a fit when I found out I had to go. I envisioned it as some sort of torture. Of course, I wasn’t completely wrong. 😉 Things have definitely improved in terms of comfort and speed, but that drill . . . *shudders*

  5. This post is in time, I am off to the dentist tomorrow. I will close my eyes and think of Richard the whole time. O.K. its only a cleaning this time but I think I need more work done.

  6. Back from the dentist and yes Richards picture on this blog (which I just love and really helped me thought a nerve test in July that is very painful and I was fine) helped a lot. I got a small mouth and wisdom teeth that are way back in there and hard to clean. I have to go back on Friday and one other day for fillings. I really will need to think of some great pictures of Richard then for sure.

    • Katie, I’m sorry it was a trial, but glad that the picture of Richard. I think it would be wonderful if he would record a guided relaxation exercise to help people like us. I’m hoping the fillings won’t be awful.

    • I am so glad the photos help, Katie. I have the same problem you do. A small mouth with a tight bite. I also have some TMJ so having to have my mouth open the length of time it takes to get the cleanings done always leaves me sore and achy. I hope your mind is filled with lovely images of RA as you undergo the additional work. ((hugs))

      • Two fillings down and one more to go on October 9th. It will give the side of my mouth time to get back to normal. It sure is nice to have something else to take off my mind on the drilling and pulling and such on my teeth.

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