Random Acts of Gorgeousness #2




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  1. #2? How did I miss #1? Where is it? I have to find it! I need it NOW! I love YUMMMMM! How do I get some? Do I have to be a kid? You got me giggling again, Angie. You must be a little better.

    • LOL The link to #1 should be theere on the right hand side. And no, you don’t have to be a kid. Mr. Storyteller offers yummmm for all ages. 😀 Glad I brought you giggles. I am feeling better, I hope to get to sleep a lot earlier tonight than I did last night (dawn).

      • Good to hear you’re feeling better, and I, too, hope you get to sleep earlier and rest well.

        He does indeed offer yummmmm for all ages. The CBeebies stories are on my hard drive and I don’t have the excuse that there are any small ones in my life.

  2. “Come and find out! That’s my chat up line!” *swoon* “They have to be done very carefully . . . usually I’ve got clothes on top. They tend to break up if there is any friction going on.” *thud*

    It’s lovely to see you in a cheerier mood Angie. I hope this means you are feeling a bit better. I just finished watching the last part of Strike Back once again as I just needed a Richard fix tonight. 🙂 When I watched it the first time and saw him driving off into the distance, little did I think how it all would end for him in the next series. I do have it on my PVR but haven’t had the courage to look at it again as it breaks my heart. At least we know he also has the SND status!!

    • It just doesn’t bear thinking about–what they did to JP in the “new and improved” (Ha!) Strike Back. 😦 And yes, he is still with us, thanks to the glories of being So Not Dead!!!

      As for RA and friction and clothes or lack of them—*guh*****

      • They could never “improve” on Strike Back IMHO. In fact I would go so far as to say that it was ruined when Cinemax took over and I was relieved that Richard was out of it. I only wish TPTB could have made his exit a happy one instead of the brutal one they gave him. I mean how hard would that have been?? Yet again we have a series he stars in where his back story is totally ignored. No mention of Alex being left an orphan. Yes I know it is all TV fiction but Richard made John Porter come alive for so many of us and the writers could have done much, much better!

        • The “new and improved” was purely in their minds, certainly not the mind of this viewer. Increasing the “boobs, butts and bombs” quotient did nothing for the quality of the show. 😦

          • Amen. Rotten what TPTB did to Porter, better that than sticking him in the mess they made of the show. For me, John Porter is forever SND.

            • There have been commercials over the past couple of weeks for SB2 which is on tonight here in Australia. I’m very torn – I swore I would never watch it, but am so hungry for a glimpse of Richard on TV that I’m tempted to do so. But hearing those words “bring John home” breaks my heart and hardens my resolve to avoid it, because the b*st*rds didn’t. *sob*

              • I know. 😦 They are running ads for the new (third) season of Strike Back here on Cinemax (and on HBO, as they are part of the same company) and I try to switch channels if I can as soon as I hear the music. I like the theme song, but that’s the only thing I DO like. *sigh* It’s like a painful reminder of John’s fate in the hands of those $%#@^&!!@. Of course, I am glad he’s well out of it after the direction they took–I know he wouldn’t have been happy with that–but I do wish he could have been written out in a less–brutal manner.

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