Thorin Thursday: In a Blue Mood


And to top things off, this new poster at Peter Jackson’s FB page. Not blue-themed, but hey, never look a gift poster full of dwarfy goodness in the mouth, right??  Off shortly to hair appt. and then a night at the fair with my main squeeze.  See ya!

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  1. Oh yum… I know where go for a fix after a long day at work. I like the blue theme, it goes well with his sapphire eyes. I hope this labor of love has left you feeling less blue.

    I can’t pop in here at work, because WordPress is blocked. Sigh. My desktop is a picture of Thorin and company with names so I can tell people I’m learning who’s who. True enough, but I already remember the only name I really need to know. 😉 I’ve been chuckling since last night. I have not read The Hobbit in years and went back to skim the first part and had forgotten that Thorin was on the bottom of the pile of Dwarves that fell through Bilbo’s door. Bifur, Bofur, Bombur were on top of him and he felt thoroughly squished. 😀 But since he was “an enormously important Dwarf” he didn’t complain.

    Good things do indeed come in small packages and Thorin is only short when he’s standing up… 😉

    • Yes, working with the images always helps me feel better. I am sure Thorin will handle being squished with great dignity and aplomb being the enormously important dwarf that he is . . . 😉 Such gravitas and dignity in a small package. And sexiness!!!! 😉

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