Dr. Track, Catholicon: TAE Word for the Day


catholicon: (noun) universal remedy; panacea.

Dr. Alex Track, Richard’s character in The Golden Hour, is the caring, determined, dedicated physician who soars high in the sky in a heli as part of the emergency medical air service.  He’s just the doctor you’d want to come to your rescue, to be at your bedside, to give you a reassuring hug, to smile into your eyes as you awaken from a deep sleep.

Surely Dr. Track is an excellent catholicon, good for whatever may ail you. And when I am feeling low, I like to imagine Dr. Track bringing his medical kit to my side. Such thoughts are quite the panacea, let me tell you.  I should also mention he’s quite gorgeous and looks a treat in bright orange coveralls, no mean feat.

Of course, the same thing could be said of Mr. A himself–he is certainly capable of cheering up an awful lot of us and somehow making everything much better, isn’t he??

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  1. “Boo-boos”, Angie? That is so weird. I know American kids say it but my question is…why?

    Dr. Track can kiss my painful bits better anytime he likes! Wasn’t he sweet to bring that CD player and CDs to the girl in the coma? What a bedside manner!

    • It’s something I’ve heard all my life. Benny kept making sport of his broken leg with silly faces while pointing at his leg and saying “I’ve got a boo-boo down there.” Made me laugh every time. If a kid gets a scrape or a bruise–nothing serious–it’s called a boo-boo and generally someone can kiss it and make it better (along with a band-aid). 😉 Apparently boo-boo came from boo-hoo, which imitates the sound of weeping. So a boo-boo could make one boohoo. 😀 It can also mean a mistake or blunder.

      If only all physicians could have Dr. Track’s combination of professionalism with kindness and TLC. *sigh*

  2. I’ve just realiized……that 2nd last pic came from “The Golden Hour” …..I always associate it with John Porter……silly me! I obviously need to watch TGH again

  3. That’s quite the mischievous smile on Richard’s face when he is stitching Jane up. Somehow I don’t think he is acting there!! 🙂 I doubt if many could look as gorgeous in an orange jump suit as he does. 😀 It’s lovely to read that someone described him as “. . . one of TV’s most convincing medics ever.” I know he convinced me! 😉

    • It is a very naughty smile, isn’t it? “Jane” didn’t look she minded it all that much, either. 😉 He’s convincing in pretty much everything he does. But then that’s the way it should be with a fine, detail-oriented actor. And he certainly is that!! 😀

      • And the way he said “cut” when he finished stitching up her wound… I could have sworn that was the sexiest thing I have ever heard anyone utter. 🙂 And it was just one syllable. The guy is good, he’s very, very good! The orange jumpsuit looks great on those long legs. Well, everything looks good on him because he’s got such a great figure. 🙂

      • For someone being sutured, she has a ridiculously pleased expression. I think she must be appreciating the naughty smile and the “hands-on” care.

        • Exactly. That’s a cat that swallowed the cream expression, if you ask me. Either she’s on some good drugs or she’s just experiencing a natural Dr. Track sort of high. 😉

  4. “If only all physicians could have Dr. Track’s combination of professionalism with kindness and TLC. *sigh*” — and have such a wonderful smile and be jaw-droppingly gorgeous… I know Dr. Track is good for what ails me, and at least in my mind, he makes house calls.

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