Inspiration: It Happens in Armitage World


As some of you know, my college degree is in art education. I only got to teach art for five years altogether, years apart and in very different settings (a residential school for the blind and a private academy). Once I started working at the newspaper 11 or so years ago, I pretty much put aside my artistic efforts to focus on writing and photography.

Of course, it was Richard’s wonderful ChaRActers who inspired me to try my hand at fiction after several years of writing non-fiction, and to start doing the slideshow fanvids.

But the more I have played with Mr. A’s images in fanart; the more I have seen of Sebastian’s (aka Gisbornesboy) wonderful cartoons and other drawings, as well as the artwork of other fans, the more I have felt compelled to pick up sketch pencils and pads once more. To see if I could wake up skills long dormant in me.

My lovely sister gave me an Amazon gift card for my birthday and I decided to use part of it on some new art supplies. Earlier tonight I started working on a sketch based on a photo of Adele on the cover of the newest issue of Rolling Stone. It’s far from finished, and far from perfect, but I thought I would give you a peek. I don’t have a scanner here right now, so I had to take a photo with my SLR:

To tell you the truth, I wasn’t even sure I could still do more than doodle (I never stopped doodling). It’s almost as if I was afraid to even try. But Mr. A wouldn’t let his fears keep him from tackling a challenge, would he? Mr. Armitage inspires and, both directly and indirectly, encourages us; we, in turn, inspire and encourage each other.  This is what happens in Armitage World–and it’s a good thing.  How has Richard Armitage inspired you?

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  1. Go, Angie! Yes, sketch away, because the more you do, the more it frees up the other creative areas. Yes, Richard inspires me, much more than you might guess.

  2. Lovely sketch… LEigh is right, keep doing it! How has Mr. A inspired me? Well, I don’t write, I don’t draw but he inspired me to start reading “proper” books again! I had all but given up books for a long while for the sake of watching TV.. He got me reading again. Along with you guys. 🙂 But I never would have met you all if it weren’t for him, so…

    • I think he has encouraged many of us to improve ourselves on a number of levels as I said, both directly and indirectly, through his performances, his life philosophy (and the way he practices what he preaches–and the lovely messages he has shared at various times. We explore programming and read books we might not have otherwise; we brush the cobwebs away from old skills and talents and build new and fun friendships with people from all over the world!! 😀

  3. Wow, that a great sketch. I’m glad you’ve decided to revisit old passions. Now you can do some more combining of you passions. It’d give you another great excuse to stare at RA’s face!

  4. Your sketch is great! Drawing can be great therapy .My youngest son is autistic and he sure can draw. One of my favorite pictures he has drawn is done on notebook paper and crayon. It was done when he was six and is 3-D, it has you looking down a runway as a plane is going to take off and in the back ground are other planes there is the sky, you are looking into the distance. Such talent, and I am in awe since I can’t draw. We just buy him notebooks before school starts and he keeps all his drawing in them or we would go broke buying him paper.

  5. I love the sketch…something arresting about the eyes. I’m not overtly very creative, but I have noticed that since I’ve been dosing myself with RA, I’ve been interested in writing some new classes. This is something I’d more or less called a halt to a couple of years ago at the beginning of a “why bother” funk. Hope you are feeling better soon!

    • Thanks, Obscura! People have always been my favorite subject to draw, and eyes in particular. I guess it’s the whole “windows of the soul” aspect. Richard definitely has the power to inspire!! I am hoping I feel better in the AM. My husband was watching TV at the other end of the house tonight and he could hear me sneezing over the sound of two TVs and one with Surround Sound on! LOL Serious power sneezing, I’m tellin’ ya. My nose is raw inside.

      • If you have any neosporin or equivalent goop, dab a bit in each nostril to help with the rawness/inflammation. It sounds silly, but it does work.

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