Sunday Smorgasbord: Second Serving


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    • How I wish just ONE man had ever looked at me like that! *sigh* But I’ve had to resign myself to going to my grave without knowing what it’s like to be loved by a man, unfortunately 😦

      • Oh Kathryn… here is a hug! Don’t know what else to say! No man has ever looked at me like that either, and I haven’t much hope of it ever happening..But you never know. Miracles do happen, right?

        • It’s true, miracles do happen. I have known women who found true love long after anyone expected it to happen. I still remember the blissful look on an art teacher’s face, she who was close to retirement, when she walked into class and wrote her new name on the chalkboard, “Mrs. C…” Another woman had retired from civil service in the UK and reconnected with the love of her life, who she had last seen when she was 21. They had twelve happy years together — not a lot, but better than zero.

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