Sunday Smorgasbord: the “real” thing


How would you like to come home and discover this guy stretched out on your sofa? And giving you that sort of look? *thud*

I just bet this young lady was feeling pretty starry-eyed, don’t you? One of my all-time fave candid pics of RA.

‘Cause baby you’re a fireworks!  😉 I just love his expression here.

Such a nice face, that boy. How can he say it’s mean-looking? Sure, he can look mean, but he’s not a mean-looking guy.

Of course, this guy can come and lounge on my front steps any time he wants to.  Especially if he keeps those sleeves rolled up to show off those yummy arm hairs.

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  1. Hi Angie! Thank you! You´ve made my Sunday morning much more bright!RA enter in my bedrrom and was lighting up everthing !I loved your RAworks, especially the second one!
    Have a bRlliant SundAy!

  2. Thank you very much for these gorgeous pics, Angie! I really need them to cheer me up. I’m having a bit of a flu. The second one definitely is one of my candid favourites, too.

  3. If I came home to find him on my sofa, I’d know I was dreaming and therefore I’d be free to unleash the inner “Rowrrr!” He does have a good face, doesn’t he, not just beautiful and capable of such a range of expression, but simply good, with his character shining through. If he were lolling on my steps like that, I’d have to invite him in, oh yes, I would.

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