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Random Acts of Gorgeousness #1


You do something to me . . . something that simply mystifies me . . . tell me, why should it be you have the power to hypnotize me?~Cole Porter

More Monet Magic for Monday


People discuss my art and pretend to understand as if it is necessary to understand, when it’s simply necessary to love.~ Claude Monet

Monet’s family in the garden at Argentuil

Colour is my daylong obsession, joy and torment. ~ Claude Monet

Every day I discover more and more beautiful things, it’s enough to drive one mad. I have such a desire to do everything my head is bursting with it. ~ Claude Monet

John Singer Sargent’s portrait of Claude Monet hard at work on a painting.

The richness I achieve comes from Nature, which is the source of my inspiration.~ Claude Monet

I have no desire other than a close fusion with Nature and I desire no other Fate than to have worked and lived in harmony with her laws. ~ Claude Monet

My life has been nothing but a failure. ~ Claude Monet

I perhaps owe becoming a painter to flowers.~ Claude Monet

Dental Bliss courtesy of RA? I think it would work


So, I was looking for something light and fun to watch this morning. And I ran across a 1997 documentary titled Trekkies featuring a variety of Star Trek fans of all ages and backgrounds along with cast members from the original show and its spin-offs.

I watched the original ST as a child, crushed on Mr. Spock and have a soft spot for that lovable ham, William Shatner. Later I was a fan of The Next Generation and other spin-off shows and films. I decided resistance was futile and I settled back to watch it.

It’s a really fun and interesting documentary, even if you aren’t a Star Trek fan. But the thing that particularly piqued my interest was the Star Trek dental office. The dentist and his wife were dedicated Trekkies and the office was literally filled with all sorts of Star Trek memorabilia. Even the staff dressed in uniforms straight off the Starship Enterprise. Check it out in the trailer below. Star Base Dental appears at the 53 second mark:

Like a lot of people, I have no great love of going to the dentist, even though my doc is a nice guy. The sound of a drill is equivalent to nails scratching on a chalkboard in terms of sending a very unpleasant shiver down my spine. 

But–I can only think I would find the dental offices much more appealing with a—Richarding Theme!

Screencaps and promo stills of Richard Armitage hanging on the walls, life-size cardboard cutouts of Richard and his various chaRActers scattered around, Richard’s velvet and honey baritone caressing my ears through the loudspeakers of the office’s stereo system. The waiting room would have a television with DVDs of RA’s work/interviews/fanvids running continuously.

The sight and sound of RA all around me would surely help put me into a state of dental bliss . . .

Of course, if my dentist looked like RA, that would be dandy, too–although I fear I really would do some serious drooling . . . ah, it would be worth it!!

A little romance for Monday


Some North & South fanart done in variety of painting styles/mediums and photo effects courtesy of BeFunky. Today we have some portraits of Margaret, too.

The Thorin Oakenshield Effect: Pole-Axed By the Hot Warrior Dwarf


“I had never heard of Richard Armitage before The Hobbit.  I’m more into the Thorin Oakenshield Effect.  He rode up in the trailer and turned to the camera and I was poleaxed…and I swore I would never look at another man after my last marriage.  Let alone a man with long hair and a beard like my ex.  Well, Richard proved me wrong, so here I am cruising the interwebs for treasures.  I have watched “King Under the Hair” several times and sent it around to friends who were equally delighted by it.  I have just started to peruse your site and have already found it to be a treat.”  (Excerpt from a comment made by Jane Rafferty here at TAE)

I saw this comment and I could not fail to smile. What happened to Jane (and welcome, Jane, to our little community!) is something I suspect many, many more folks will experience: being “poleaxed” by the amazing charisma and presence of Richard Armitage as Thorin Oakenshield.

Of course, I am feeling a bit smug about all this because I don’t want to say, “I told you so,” but of course, I DID.  Sure, when I first heard Richard was going to be playing a dwarf I raised my eyebrows. A strapping six-foot, two (and-a-half!)-inch-tall, youthful-looking fellow like RA as a pint-sized warrior of rather advanced years?

But I reminded myself he’d convinced me over and over again–as a conflicted “evil henchman” with a troublesome conscience, carrying a torch for a fair, duplicitous maiden, a determined Victorian mill owner with a foolish passion for a persnickety parson’s daughter, a cripplingly shy gentle giant of a Yorkshire farmer,  a dedicated, cerebral spy damaged by eight years in a Russian prison, a tough, sometimes ruthless soldier  seeking redemption who is also a loving father and a true hero–and the list goes on.

He’s so very good, our Richard, a veritable chameleon, submerging himself in each character.  Why would it be any different with Thorin, I asked myself?

And indeed, from all evidence thus far, Richard IS Thorin Oakenshield–proud, regal, passionate, at times arrogant, a charismatic leader who can convince a small company of dwarfs with “willing hearts” to follow him on a very difficult and dangerous mission. 

I suspect since the last trailer appeared, many, many more people who were interested in The Hobbit in a more general sense,  are finding themselves specifically drawn to learn more about the actor behind Thorin. “What a voice! And those eyes! The way he carries himself. Who IS this guy?”

Even as a dwarf,  forced to look up at Gandalf and the elves, RA is somehow larger than life as Thorin. It’s a role that will surely become iconic. 

What will it be like to see him on the big screen, to hear him through the stereo speakers in the theater?  I may very well have to see it twice–just to absorb into my brain the whole sensation of that much RA truly larger than life, his honeyed baritone reverberating in my ears, and then a second time to actually enjoy the entire movie, because I do believe there will be much to appreciate and savor in the film as a whole. 

Many, many people will flock to the theater in December to see The Hobbit because they are Tolkien fans, or their kids, grandkids or significant others are fans. I believe a fair number of those attending (who were not already RA fans) will leave as converts to “our little community.”

Because once you discover Richard Armitage, once you’ve been poleaxed, as Jane puts it, by him in one role, it’s almost impossible not to pursue seeing him in other roles. 

To discover the sweet and sunny-natured accountant Harry Kennedy, the brooding John Thornton, smouldering Sir Guy, sweet John Standring,  the passionate artist Monet, rebellious biker Ricky Deeming and the other memorable chaRActers he’s brought to life so vividly.  Not to mention all the wonderful audio recordings he has done, the irresistible appeal of the CBeebies . . .

And then to watch/listen to/read his interviews, and find out what an intelligent, insightful, funny, sweet-natured, modest individual he really isIn a world of wanna-bes, it seems Richard Crispin Armitage is all that and a big, big bag of chips.

Richard in a GMTV interview prior to Spooks 9. Courtesy of RichardArmitageNet

Oh, for those who have not yet experienced The Armitage Effect (and I don’t mean the blog, because if you are reading this, you’ve obviously found me), there’s so much wonderful, amazing stuff out there to be discovered.

I look forward to Richard’s fanbase growing and diversifying in the coming months as more people discover just what an amazing and versatile talent he is.  I fully expect more folks to come forward and say they’ve been poleaxed, too.

As Mezz said, resistance is, indeed, futile.  And we’ll welcome you to the fold.  😀

Oh, and is it December yet?

Sunday Smorgasbord: Because Just One is Not Enough


More of a melange of amazing menfolk courtesy of Mr. Armitage. I will try to catch up with everyone’s comments in the AM.. Maybe I won’t cry on my keyboard by then. 😉

Like a bridge . . .


We all need our bridges over troubled water from time to time in our lives. Right now, this song seems to particularly touch my heart. And Art Garfunkel–what an angelic voice! What a talent.

Again, thank you to everyone for your words of encouragement and support. Here are some lovely images of Mr. A’s characters serving as and discovering their own bridges  over troubled water. It’s my thank you to you all.

And I guess that’s way they call it the blues


I try to keep laughing.  I really do. But sometimes it’s hard. I have always had a melancholy streak in my nature, as did my late father.

Lately, it’s been worse. Sadness seems to overwhelm me at times. Is is sadness or anxiety? I am not quite sure. Maybe a bit of both.

I cry so easily lately, it doesn’t take much.  Last night I kept crying in spite of my best efforts to contain it. The tears just kept spilling out, perplexing my poor husband and giving me a throbbing headache and stuffy nose.

I can’t stop fiddling with my hair. I’ve almost stopped biting my nails, so they actually look decent.

But the hair, longer now than it has been in years. is constantly being wound around my fingers. 

 I am always tired. Lack of refreshing sleep is a common symptom of FMS. It’s also a common symptom of depression.  I no longer really know where the FMS sends and possible depression begins. Chronic pain and fatigue can bring on depression. And I’ve been dealing with the pain and all that accompanies it for, what, 17 or 18 years now?

The FMS has altered my brain chemistry, Not enough serotonin. And so the perception of pain intensifies. I take antidepressants to help boost the serotonin levels, but they seem to work better at some times than others. I have a low pain threshold, but high pain tolerance. Sometimes, it still overwhelms me. I am tired of being in pain, tired of being tired.  Just–tired.  My brain is constantly spinning but am I getting anywhere?

I am anxious about my future. No job, no health insurance. A novel I am struggling to complete. Questioning my abilities, my capabilities.



(courtesy of the




Prowl: New Sir Guy fanvid & more fanart


I tried to load this last night and a glitch prevented it from happening.  *sigh* So after another four hours this afternoon, it’s finally done. Hooray! I incorporated a poem  that I wrote a while back about our sensual big cat in black leather into the vid, so it’s something a little different.

Guyday Friday: Bad looks so good


Yes, he’s the baddie, the villain of the piece, the “evil henchman.” But he’s soooo much more compelling than our “hero.” Much more enjoyable to watch and listen to.  Sir Guy makes bad look so—good.