Daily Archives: October 1, 2012

It’s October. And keep in mind I’m on drugs.


Drugs for my major sinus/allergy attack, that is. My sneezes have been registering on the Reichter scale, or so I’ve been told by my long-suffering spouse.

Anyhoo, I am kind of loopy and also in a Halloween sort of mood. I discovered today that www.picmonkey.com has just added a new Halloween set of effects, overlays and fonts to play with. You can choose from Vampire, Witch, Demon, Zombie, Day of the Dead and Trick or Treat.  Keep in mind the drug thing coupled with lack of sleep, so overlook the typos and other mistakes in the examples below. This Halloween theme is a real treat to play with, so why not give it a try if you are so inclined?

We like Halloween chez Fedoralady. It is Mr. FL’s favorite holiday. We’ve worked a few haunted houses in the past; I’ve always dressed up when work allowed it and won first place for my costume a couple of years ago. Basically we are just a pair of over-sized kids who enjoy being children again for a brief time.  I suspect part of my enjoyment is the fact we had no place to trick or treat as children–we were too far out in the boondocks–so once the schools/communities suspended carnivals for a time in our area I felt as if I was missing out on the fun . . .

Demon Guy and Witchy-Poo Marian are ready for the Halloween bash at the castle.

I am hoping to go to Trick or  Treat on Main St. downtown in my hometown this year, with business owners and professionals and their employees and families dressing up and handing out candy to lots of cute costumed kiddies in a safe, controlled environment. It was started two years ago, with the grand finale a performance of Thriller by a local dance troupe and actors from the local firefighters’ haunted house. It was terrific!

New Vid: “All I Have to Do Is Dream”


Another simple little slideshow vid featuring some of my fave RA chaRActers and some of the sweet man himself set to Christine Lavin’s lovely blend of “All I Have to Do is Dream” and “The Summer Song.” Hope you enjoy!

“Lucas blue eyes” so much better than red, weepy ones


I have a new video uploading, which will take close to four hours *sigh* but I hope you’ll enjoy it when it does get uploaded. As I mentioned in comment replies, I am having a nasty allergy attack today and had little sleep, so the prospects for me finishing my birthday bash story today are not looking all that swell.  I am sipping hot tea with local honey mixed in to try to help relieve the symptoms.

I feel your pain, my dear.

Anyway, before Morpheus possibly overtakes me again (for some odd reason, I like to imagine Morpheus looks just like Richard Armitage)  I thought I would share some images of sweet, sexy, beautiful Lucas and his baby blue eyes . . .

Catch y’all later!