It’s October. And keep in mind I’m on drugs.


Drugs for my major sinus/allergy attack, that is. My sneezes have been registering on the Reichter scale, or so I’ve been told by my long-suffering spouse.

Anyhoo, I am kind of loopy and also in a Halloween sort of mood. I discovered today that has just added a new Halloween set of effects, overlays and fonts to play with. You can choose from Vampire, Witch, Demon, Zombie, Day of the Dead and Trick or Treat.  Keep in mind the drug thing coupled with lack of sleep, so overlook the typos and other mistakes in the examples below. This Halloween theme is a real treat to play with, so why not give it a try if you are so inclined?

We like Halloween chez Fedoralady. It is Mr. FL’s favorite holiday. We’ve worked a few haunted houses in the past; I’ve always dressed up when work allowed it and won first place for my costume a couple of years ago. Basically we are just a pair of over-sized kids who enjoy being children again for a brief time.  I suspect part of my enjoyment is the fact we had no place to trick or treat as children–we were too far out in the boondocks–so once the schools/communities suspended carnivals for a time in our area I felt as if I was missing out on the fun . . .

Demon Guy and Witchy-Poo Marian are ready for the Halloween bash at the castle.

I am hoping to go to Trick or  Treat on Main St. downtown in my hometown this year, with business owners and professionals and their employees and families dressing up and handing out candy to lots of cute costumed kiddies in a safe, controlled environment. It was started two years ago, with the grand finale a performance of Thriller by a local dance troupe and actors from the local firefighters’ haunted house. It was terrific!

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  1. Yes, October! In years past, I would have started making Halloween costumes by now. It’s my daughter’s favourite holiday, too, so it’s always a big deal, even though she does her own costumes now. She actually does two each year, one for her work with children and one for evening parties. The last time I did one at work, I was the Vulcan delegate to the Federation Council. (Here in Spain, Halloween isn’t celebrated.) I hope you get to do the Main St. trick-or-treat!

    Your take on Guy & Marian is great fun.

    Lucas makes a delicious vampire, doesn’t he? He’s welcome to snack as long as I get to bite him back *extends fangs*.

    • Halloween has really become a holiday for all ages here–now there’s Halloween décor you can purchase for your home and lots of adults do costume parties. The schools have returned to holding carnivals, although they may refer to them as fall or harvest festivals. Churches here did the trick or trunk–people park their cars in the lot, open the trunks where a stash of candy is stored and the children come by with their bags and get their goodies.

      I tried to find some of the photos from Main Street two years ago–I took a pile of them for the newspaper’s website–but couldn’t remember where I stored them. There were so great costumes on display, some real creativity involved. My mother made a wonderful little witch costume for me one year complete with capelet and hat and I used one of the new chicken house brooms–child-sized to use in sweeping out the tracks–as a prop. I was encouraged to enter the costume contest but back then I was just too darned shy (five or six).

      I also need to do Guy and Vasey. I think Lucas and Ros together in costume would be hilarious, too.

      • I’m glad because it’s so much fun. I recall carving 15 jack-o-lanterns one year and setting them out around the yard where we had a barbecue party for the children before going out trick-or-treating, with adults and children all in costume. I hope those photos turn up. I’ve made all kinds of costumes over the years and had a lot of fun doing it. I had my favourites, of course, including an 18th century vampire, a musketeer, and a Vulcan delegate to the Federation.

        Yes, Guy and Vasey, Lucas and Ros, now that would be rich!

      • It’s interesting that Halloween is so embraced where you live. I was in Mobile from ’89 to ’92 and an awful lot of people connected it directly with the devil. Maybe it was just the area I lived in, but it was not a popular holiday. My secretary did discover that if she bought Halloween pens with with bats and ghosts on them people would stop stealing them off her desk. 😉

        • There was a period of time several years ago when Halloween was being (no pun intended) demonized. All that supposed connection to Satanic rituals and such. The kids at the school where I taught were extremely unhappy when the annual haunted hayride was called off. Of course, Harry Potter was satanic, too, to some people. Things seem to go in cycles. That cycle seems to have passed for now.

          They’ve stopped doing it now as the children are all grown, but a local family and several friends used to get together and set up a graveyard in the front yard, play spooky music and run a fog machine, and everyone would dress up and pass out candy to the trick-or-treaters who dared make the walk to the front steps. 😉 The police had to come and help direct traffic, it was such a hit.

  2. P.S. A good batch of chili with onions will usually cause the sinuses to open and disgorge their secretions (along with the allergens stuck in them) => more tissues, but less cloggage and seismic sneezing.

  3. Sorry to hear allergies are making you miserable. Usually it’s springtime with the pollen when that happens for a lot of people. I used to get bad hayfever years ago, but not so much these days thank goodness. Have you tried Richard’s remedy of salt water up the nostrils? As he said, it sounds revolting but it’s worth a try. It used to work for me when I suffered from sinus.

    Generally Halloween hasn’t been celebrated here, but it’s certainly becoming more popular, and shops are selling more Halloween-related merchandise as time goes by.
    Playing a vampire is one role I personally hope Richard never takes on, but if he did, I guess I’d just have to suck it up *groan* Sorry, couldn’t resist!

    • We have an almost year-round growing season here, and it’s goldenrod, ragweed and some other things blooming right now that seem to be causing me particular trouble. I have never tried the neti pot option–I used to have a co-worker who used one and she sniffed constantly–I do mean all the time. I always associated that darned neti pot with her sniffles. LOL I have been thinking Vicks Vap-o-Rub might be something to try. Two of my most vivid memories as a child were the sound of the vaporizer hissing beside my bed and the scent of Vick’s. This sort of thing has been going on pretty much my entire life. I think that, as with so many other things, Richard would make the world’s sexiest, most desirable vamp and you’d completely believe he could glamour you into doing pretty much anything quite willingly 😉

      • Yes, Vick’s Vap-o-Rub will help your chest and the vaporizer will help ease the sinus mess as well as the broncial congestion, if you can stand them. There are certain seasons when the art has to get moved so it won’t get wrecked by the steam, and the vaporizer sits on a towel-covered chair or table, working its brand of magic.

        I’m not sure Richard as vampire would need a glamour …

        • I need to get Benny to pick up some more Vick’s. I’ve had to stay sitting up throughout the night as every time I would try to lie down I felt uncomfortable. Of course now I feel exhausted on top of everything else. Oh, I think Richard has the whole glamouring thing hard-wired inside him. Look at how we’ve all swooned over a certain height-challenged hairy warrior. 😉

          • Can you use a “Dutch husband” or a pile of pillows to sleep with your upper body propped up at an angle? If you can sleep in that position, it should help with the drainage and clearing.

            I think I saw a manip of Richard as Count Dracula — was it on DF? — but I think if the role were well-written, Richard would bring his usual nuanced skills and power to the performance, giving us a very subtle and utterly compelling vampire, much more so than anything or anyone we’ve seen to date. (Reminds me that my vampire story is still in storage…)

            • You know, it was seeing him as Lucas in that scene with Marlon, when Marlon shots himself and some of the blood splatters on Lucas that made me think, “Hmmmm, wouldn’t he make quite the vampire . . .” The pale skin and dark hair he had with the cool lighting on that show giving him that otherworldly look to begin with.

              He would bring all the angst, sensuality, brooding intensity, intelligence and world-weariness of a creature that lived through many lifetimes to the role so brilliantly, I am sure. He would NOT be some anemic Edward Cullen-ish vamp (sorry, Twilight fans).

              • I really can’t fathom out what women (or girls more like) see in “R-Patz”… Maybe I should watch the Twighlight films and then I would get the “Pattinson Effect”? RP always looks as if he’s been dragged through the hedge backwards and his eyes have that strange sort of stare…Sorry I think I’ve said these things before. And I know, there’s no accounting for tastes!

              • I watched the first three films trying to understand their tremendous appeal. They aren’t awful movies–I have certainly seen worse–the scenery in the NW is beautiful and I really like their soundtracks, actually. However, why the Twilight books and films have become such a cultural phenom still escapes me, I fear. Pun fully intended, I like my vampire protagonists to have more bite. 😉

                As for Robert, he seems like a nice kid and a decent actor (I did feel sorry for him when all that stuff about Kristen’s affair hit the fan) but for the life of me, I just don’t see the tremendous physical attraction he holds for so many, either. I watched Water for Elephants again last night–there are good performances and I love all the period details of the early Great Depression–but the romance that develops between Reese’s character and Rob’s is just not very believable. No chemistry there. Oh, his hair was cut short in the style of the period and I can’t say I thought it improved his looks. 😉

  4. I empathize with you Angie. I’m home sick with bronchitis. I get it every year, sometimes twice a year if I’m really cursed. It’s basically your symptoms with the fun addition of hard chills and muscle aches. Oh rapture. Oh joy…

    I spent a good bit of yesterday over on YouTube watching The Golden Hour. Well, I can see why it only lasted one season. I don’t think they had medical people consulting on that show and the writers should have been taken out and shot. Richard was great considering that he had little to work with. He doesn’t look right without a full beard to me though and his hair is too bloody short…and he’s too tall….

    • Richard has the most amazing ability to turn dross into gold with his performances. Even if the production itself isn’t top notch, I know his performance will be worth watching. That’s why I am so excited to see him working with someone of the caliber of Sir PJ–I just know he’s going to be fantastic as Thorin. 😀

      • Benny mentioned the other night how unbelievably bad the Scy-Fy Channel’s original movies generally are. I have watched a few with him and I have to concur. TGH wasn’t award-winning material, but it certainly could have been worse.

    • JaneGael…..You can’t really judge anything by the scraps you see on YouTube- much is often left out. I have the DVD and I agree with Judit. There are hundreds of programs that were worse.

      Not all medical/hospital dramas need be as frantic as some of the US ones are. That’s why I usually prefer British shows – more subtle. I also like thier wry humpur

      • Another reason I don’t like watching programs on YT (along with my annoyingly not-so-high-speed connection). *sigh*

        Slightly OT but I discovered the British series “Hustle” here on AXS (an HD satellite channel) and I have really enjoyed it. I think I have seen all the eps now and have re-watched several of them. It’s quite clever, fun and entertaining, focusing on a group of grifters who target the sort of people you want to see get hoodwinked. And it is fun to see Robert Vaughn, who was Napoleon Solo way back when in “The Man from Uncle” playing the crafty senior citizen grifter Albert.

  5. These are terrific! 🙂 I do miss doing all the Halloween stuff we used to do. Huge Halloween costume parties, with all the associated decorations and fun food and drinks, were an anticipated event each year, when all our friends and family lived closer. We’ve all moved much further afield now, so it isn’t an option. Sad thing, that.

    Do any of you remember Frank Langella as Dracula ( If Mr. A did do a vampire role, I’d picture it more in that vein (ok, yeah, pun intended) than that of a glamour. And, I’ve been watching Being Human, with Aidan Turner as a vampire. I could see him doing that sort of thing too, maybe not so much with the grunge (although it looks really good on AT!).

    I’m with you Angie. I think Mr. A would make a terrific (encompassing *all* the definitions of the word) vampire, or any other “supernatural” type of being.

    Leigh, you’re right, he wouldn’t need a glamour! Just a little raise of an eyebrow would probably do the trick. 😉

    (And just maybe I’ve been reading and watching too much “supernatural” stuff lately. *chuckle* )

    Hope your sinus/allergy attack subsides soon, Angie!

    • Glad you liked!

      I love Being Human! Aidan was really good in that. I do remember Frank Langella. I think that was the film that made me realize vamps could definitely be sexy.

      As I was telling Leigh, I could easily see RA playing the role of the 1,500-year-old vampire doctor/professor Matthew Clairmont in Deborah Harkness’s All Souls Trilogy. The physical description is so much like Richard–very tall and powerful with broad shoulders, long legs and slim waist, regal, piercing light eyes (grey in his case) aquiline nose, and of course, pale skin 😉 And the character itself is a very interesting one, who has obviously had many adventures throughout his long “life.” Also he speaks French . . . *sigh*

      I could also see RA as a werewolf or a shape shifter. Again, that fey, otherworldly quality he possesses.

      I now have Vick’s smeared all over my chest and around my nostrils. Benny said he could smell it at the other end of the house, but it’s not even that strong to me! I do think it is helping some. Benny said I sounded like the voice of the devil from some possession movie when he first talked to me this morning LOL

      • You ARE possessed by the allergy monsters and the stinky old Vicks works like wolfbane and garlic to chase them away.

        Yes, I’ve read fic where Guy becomes a werewolf, per his wolf’s head coat of arms. And I had him shape-shifting in one of my stories. That fey quality Richard has could be employed to advantage in a number of characters. I think it’s just a matter of getting a good script and a good director, which is rather rare when you venture into this kind of territory.

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