“Lucas blue eyes” so much better than red, weepy ones


I have a new video uploading, which will take close to four hours *sigh* but I hope you’ll enjoy it when it does get uploaded. As I mentioned in comment replies, I am having a nasty allergy attack today and had little sleep, so the prospects for me finishing my birthday bash story today are not looking all that swell.  I am sipping hot tea with local honey mixed in to try to help relieve the symptoms.

I feel your pain, my dear.

Anyway, before Morpheus possibly overtakes me again (for some odd reason, I like to imagine Morpheus looks just like Richard Armitage)  I thought I would share some images of sweet, sexy, beautiful Lucas and his baby blue eyes . . .

Catch y’all later!

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      • That he is. So very beautiful, irresistible. As you know, there are times when I make up the bed with blue sheets in the hope of summoning a dream of Lucas.

        Here’s hoping you feel much better soon!

        (P.S. WordPress didn’t bother to let me know about this post and other e-mail notifications fail to display when I open them. !@#$%^&*!)

        • I don’t know what’s up, kiddo. I haven’t changed anything re the site. Yesterday WP kept making me sign in every time I wanted to comment at someone else’s blog. *rolls eyes*

          • I haven’t been receiving email notifications of new posts at TAE for AGES! Even though I’m a follower! I do get notifications of new posts from the other blogs I follow! I’ve given up hope that I’ll ever understand WP’s erratic behaviour! Never mind, I check Twitter for new posts from you..

    • Postscript: Spanish Yahoo just ran an item that James has been bumped from the No. 1 spot by Tom Cruise’s character in Mission Impossible. Huh?? What do they know? Lucas is much hotter than all the other spies put together.

  1. I’ve joined the sinus brigade. I’ve had a horrible headache all day– through 20 noisy children, a grade-level meeting, bolting some dinner down (that I really didn’t want because I’m nauseated), and now heading to a Church meeting to take the minutes. For me sinus headaches often turn into migraines! (And hello, it’s here.) After waiting until 11:00 am until all of my other meds were absorbed into my bloodstream, I took some pills that brought my headache down to a dull roar. But now it’s back!! I can’t really drive with the meds so I’ll just wait til after the meeting. Wow, do I want to go to bed NOW! Oh well, I’m drinking some decafe English Breakfast tea (my favorite) and hoping the Minister isn’t too long winded! Hope you are feeling better, Angie! Thanks for the lovely Lucas Pictures to help me through!

        • Thanks, Beverly, that was sweet of you. Yes, addicting, indeed, and it’s just one of about a dozen different free photo editing sites I have bookmarked LOL

          It is one of my faves. I also have Photoshop Elements. I like to mix and match and use different components from various places for some of the pieces I do. It’s great fun!!

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