That face


The dark brows drawn slightly together, a furrow between them. Pensive, apprehensive. The eyes, framed in a fringe of dark lashes, half in shadow, so intense. The sculpted plane of those high cheekbones. A delicately shaped mouth, both soft and firmly resolute.  The chin, strong and masculine.  A man of beauty.  A man of reflection. A man of character.

I did get some well-needed sleep during the day after being awake all night. I was feeling marginally better earlier but seem to be going downhill again. I still sound like a man. 😉 I hope the rest of you out there dealing with sinus/allergy/colds/bronchitis and what have you, are improving. Take care, everyone. Time to try to eat supper.

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  1. Sending you positive energy to fell better tomorrow! I am about to start walking around wearing a surgical mask and brandishing a can of Lysol. The hallways here sound like some upper respiratory plague has set in with all of the sneezing, sniffling and hacking coughs. I’m also knocking on wood that so far I’ve remained immune despite the fact that 30 of the infected are pointing straight at me 3 times a day 🙂

    • Uh-oh, you are on the front lines. I’ve known people who swear by co-enzyme Q10 to strengthen the immune system, but I found that wearing gloves and avoiding public transit and other enclosed spaces helped just as much.

  2. Sending healing thoughts and get well wishes! Take care and I hope you get good rest. You know, I’ve been told that the husky, voice-in-your-boots rhing is sexy, but I know it doesn’t feel like that.

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