Behold the Sexy! Gisborne Style


Be sure and click on Sir Guy to see his moves. *thud*


There are days when a girl simply needs some slinky black leather and chesticles. This is one of them.

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    • Yeah, I actually need it daily, too, but when I am under the weather, I REALLY seem to need it, if you know what I mean. 😉 I need to wash my hair but I am not sure I can summon up the strength. *sigh*

      • I know what you mean, my dear. Sorry 2hear you’re still under the weather..HOpe you’ll be able to summon enough energy 2wash your hair! I feel drained&very tired. Exhausting day at the office. Has my parcel arrived yet?

        • The crap has moved into my chest. I have what my mom called a croupy cough now. 😦 I have used foam shampoo the last two days just to take the edge of the dirtiness and it helps, but not as good as the real thing.

          No, it hasn’t gotten here yet, but I haven’t checked today’s mail (haven’t had the energy for that, either. It’s a nice little walk to the mail box and I’m dragging.) The sneezing and burning is not as bad today, I just feel much more tired, it seems. And the coughing has aggravated my old pleurisy adhesions.

  1. Yes, I could really do with a large dose of Guy right now — all that beautiful leather-clad sexiness. I’m sorry to hear that you are still struggling with the crud. Take care, and I hope you get enough peace to sleep.

    • I managed to get five hours of sleep, from 6 to 11 a.m. which helped. This sounds really strange, but I like to sleep on my right side, and my right ear was doing this weird thing last night. I often have a slight wheeze anyway when I breathe. Well, last night, it sounded like a door with hinges badly in need of oiling combined with a mosquito or gnat buzzing in my ear. Extremely distracting. So I tried to sleep in the opposite side and couldn’t get comfy. *sigh*

  2. Hope the dose of the sexy, Gisborne style, helps you, Angie and Judit. He’s certainly started my day off on a bright note! *hugs*

  3. “Beholding” is always a treat when it come to Gorgeous Guy!! He seems to “jump start” us one a regular basis! 😉

    All the things you are experiencing at the moment sound very nasty indeed. 😦 Hope you’ll soon be on the mend, Angie (and you too Judit)!

      • I would HATE it if you ever got around to doing a similar video with S3 Guy and his glorious mane 🙂 Yeah, Yeah – I know they’re extensions, but I don’t care 🙂

        • Heehee. I LOVED those extensions. Britney Spears should have had RA’s stylist after she had that meltdown and shaved her head. His extensions looked really good, and oh he can hair-act with the best of them, can’t he??

          • Sure thing. He works that hair as if it were all his and completely normal for him. Amazing. In my dreams, I want to run my fingers through it; this is Guy, after all. In real life, I can’t imagine the hell of extensions, let alone wanting to touch them.

            • He did have S3 Guy hair–his own–back in his theatre days–we’ve seen that B&W photo of him with the flowing waves. I wonder if he drew from his real-life experience for his hair acting as Guy? He certainly made the most of whatever TPTB threw at him. I’ve imagined running my fingers through that mane a few times myself. I would HATE to have to go through having extensions put in. And he had to have them put in, taken out for additional Spooks shooting, and THEN put back in.

              • drat! I have to go teach…I’ll be back to weigh in. I have an interesting analogy that came up today that is sort of related to this string 🙂

              • I think that would be a form of torture! I presume they have to be attached to little strands of your own hair and it would have been much shorter after the Spooks series! OUCH!! What that man puts himself through for his craft is downright amazing! But as you said he certainly knew how to work those long locks!! Yummy! 😉 Great practice for playing Thorin too. 😀

              • I would think you’d have pulling and tugging on the scalp while putting them in. My SIL had a hair transplant several years ago, taking hair from back of her head to add to the crown. Now, I know such a procedure is more invasive than simply having hair extensions put in, but after she talked about how painful it was, it didn’t make me want to do anything similar to my head. 😉 She was very pleased with the results and said it was worth it. I think playing Guy was excellent practice in more ways than one re preparing to play Guy: horseback riding, sword fighting and hair acting!! And a bit of attitude, too. LOL

        • So here it is…upon reflection, and a shot of caffeine, I’m not sure how relevant my thought is:

          I was talking to a class today about aesthetics and how the artistic conventions of an era reflect the aesthetics of that culture. (vis a vis the Greeks) Of course we got to talking about modern standards of beauty and how warped they are in terms of body size vs breast size for women…ie that the current in is a body type that does not occur in nature. When I pointed out that women with no appreciable body fat cannot have gigantic breasts, one male student pointed out that it doesn’t matter if they are real or not…they look good!

          In light of this episode, I reflected on my earlier comment…”I know they’re fake, but I don’t care…YUM!” and came to the conclusion that when it comes to Guy-locks, (and RA in general) I am apparently at the prurience level of a nineteen year old kid – Yippee! I feel so liberated 😀

          • This reminds me of one of the early Survivor contestants. She was thin to be begin, and, as is usual, lost more weight as the season progressed. Yet no matter how boney her legs and arms and hips became she still had these very full breasts . . . kind of obvious they weren’t original equipment. 😉

            Yes, when it comes to Richard and his sheer beauty and sex appeal and overall yumminess, I am unabashed in expressing my appreciation and admiration. Just because I am middle-aged doesn’t mean I can’t still recognize a good thing when I see (and hear) it. 😀 And if that makes me a besotted, giddy fangurl—so be it!!

            • Regardless of one’s chronological age, one’s appreciation of and tastes in beauty and sex appeal basically don’t change. They may be refined or better elaborated, but why should they change? When you see or hear other forms of beauty, you respond the same way whether you’re 20 or as old as dirt or anything in between. So, why not to this kind of attraction? Socially, it may not be considered seemly, but the mind knows what it desires.

              • Too true! I’ve just never been prone to dwell on said attractions before. There is no doubt the this is a physically attractive man, but what about him specifically is so different that holds my interest so raptly I wonder. I’m surrounded by beautiful young men in the course of my job, but I rarely give them a second look, not interested – I’d also like to keep my job (apparently only male professors can withstand the career impact of personal relationships with undergrads – there’s that social unseemliness). I’ve pondered it for awhile – thinking I was reacting about the way my daughter does to Justin Bieber (she’s seven). Now that I find that I’m not alone in my fascination, I’m more than happy to squee along until I figure it out. 🙂

              • There is something about Richard that goes beyond the physical, beyond the unforgettable chaRActers he has created. There is something inside that he lets us see, something compelling and irresistible. Although at first I tried to pick apart and analyze my response, I now find that I must simply accept this, along with other mysteries.

              • Being closer to the latter category (maybe even part of it?) may I say a resounding AMEN SISTER!!!!!!!!! 😀 Who cares if it is “seemly”? We still have brains and know how to use ’em!

              • Yes we do! And in our minds, in our dreams, are we not ageless and strong — our true selves? “Seemly” only matters if, as Obscura says, it’s important for your career. When I was working, if any co-worker had become aware of my interest in Richard, let alone my RAddiction, I would have lost my job in a heartbeat. I was surrounded by men 100:1, some of whom thought they were entitled to prey on secretaries and admins (including mine), but if I showed interest in anyone, I would have been doomed. Now, of course, many young people would react to my proclivities with “Eww — gross!”, but they just haven’t got here yet.

          • Hooray for feeling liberated! Yet I now how the conventions of a culture reflect its aesthetics. In the 19th century, some women went through surgery to have their lower ribs removed to give them the wasp-waisted figure fashion demanded — this at a time when surgery could kill you as often as not! The barbarous undergarments of the aristocratic Elizabethan and Spanish women were heavy, painful, constricting — worse than full plate armor. Their only purpose was to display oppulence, show that the wearer needn’t move very much or quickly, and conform to asexual cone-on-a-cone aesthetic of the time.

            • Not to male bash..where they aren’t present to defend themselves, but don’t they always seem to be the shapers of said torturous aesthetic?

              I know what you mean about the perception of being a fan…while I doubt I’d lose my job over it, I’d definitely lose credibility with my peers and authority with my students. I find this very interesting given that I have listened to more than my share of in depth analyses of baseball and football statistics from male colleagues who have a knowledge that borders on obssession and that is “just a guy thing”. But my fascination with a talented, multi faceted performer – who happens to be drop dead gorgeous is “weird”? And I’m not really even dealing with the social seemliness aspect of the desire in my own mind at all…I’m about the same age as RA in any case. It’s more the concept fangirling at all that seems a problem. Ergh! Such hypocrisy.

              I am woman here me roar!…mind you, it will sound like *squee* and will mostly be uttered in the privacy of my own home, or on associated fan blogs. (I’m not completely out of control yet) 😀

          • Obscura, I can’t believe the majority of men genuinely think that watermelons attached to a skinny woman’s chest look good.. I wonder if it’s a certain age group that’s fascinated by the melons..Young inexperienced guys maybe?

            • IDK…it baffles me – the comment came from a young guy, so maybe. Does that demographic have the advertising $ juice to keep that momentum? Somebody has convinced a large segment of American women that this is the way they should look. My daughter was watching DWTS last week and Pamela Anderson was on. Her bust was truly frightening – I can’t even describe it…Frankenboobs I guess. Now there’s an idea for a Halloween costume 🙂 For most of my life I’ve wished my bust away (I currently live in a state I call DDDenial) so it’s outside of my comprehension – my SIL and I did joke that we could do a bust to bust transplant…I will donate my excess to her and we’ll both be thrilled. We’ll make history 🙂

              • I read an article a while back talking about how many young men of today have mainly been exposed to the naked female form through soft/hard porn videos, mags like Playboy and mainstream movies–and many of the actresses/models have had breast implants and other plastic surgery. Frankenboobs is a great way to put it, because they can actually be scary-looking. YIKES!! Pamela Anderson, judging by the last time I saw her, is starting to look like a walking cartoon anyway. The over-inflated lips are another no-no for me.

                I also like the word “bolt-ons” because they can look like grapefruits cut in half and screwed or bolted onto their chests. Real breasts just don’t look like that, they don’t sit that way on a woman’s chest.

              • The only woman I know who had disproportionate “watermelons” could not wait to have them reduced. They gave her back problems, she could not find clothes that fit, she could not go up and down stairs easily or run at all, and men she met always looked at her chest first, never her face, her eyes. The current notion that Frankenboobs are sexy just doesn’t wash in real life.

              • My oldest sister developed quite early and her shoulders became rounded because their size made her self-conscious. For a while as a young woman, she thought it was cool because, yes, she got more attention for it. As she’s gotten older, however, she’s expressed a desire more than once to have a breast reduction for just the reasons you mentioned.

              • With a sympathetic doctor, a case can be made for the surgery to be covered by insurance. If insurers were smart, they would see that the problems without the reduction are more costly than the surgery.

              • I am all over that., it’s just finding the time to do a surgery – although the down time would give more RA time 🙂

              • Do you teach summer session? Or do you have a sabbatical coming up? The recovery time is surprisingly brief, as long as you remember not to lift when you shouldn’t (no briefcase lugging!), and as you say, more time for Richarding, and also for research and writing.

  4. I do teach in the summer, but I should look into doing one session as online…that I could do in recovery. A colleague and I may be doing a recon trip to Spain in August in advance of a proposed short term study abroad trip in 2014, so the timing would have to be right. I’m not in any danger of tipping over, just the day to day annoyance factor.

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