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It’s been one of those nights. Slept a while, woke up at 2 a.m. Had a couple of coughing fits, got something to drink and watched a good, if rather disturbing, film In Her Skin while I served as a cat bed. Well, I do have extra cushioning.

It’s now 5  a.m. Some of you will be getting up soon for work or you’re already there. Some of you are like me  and you’ve been under the weather.  It’s Wednesday in this part of the world, Hump Day, half-way through the work week.  Maybe you need a mid-week pick-me-up; maybe you need something to counteract the sneezing/sniffing/coughing/aching/bone tiredness you’re experiencing. So here’s some Luscious Lucas.

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  1. Thank you once again for another dose of Luscious Lucas – you know I can never get enough, don’t you? You probably don’t remember Duane Eddy, the guitarist from 1960s, do you? His version of “Peter Gunn” is superb

  2. Just the thing for an early-morning mid-week pick-me-up! Thanks, Angie!

    Hypnotic eyes. I had a conversation about the subject of his eyes last evening, and the same comment came up … hypnotic. Is that what happens to us? One look from those eyes and we’re hypnotized?

    LOL at the end of the video! One of *MY* favorite lines … *giggle*

    I envy that towel every time I watch that episode or see that clip. *sigh*

    And look, it’s the amazing moving tattoo! 😉

    Hope some of his effect is helping you, a well! Feel better!!!

    (And if you’re ever looking for another terrific version of Peter Gunn, especially if you’re a guitar junkie ;), this one is done by The Hellecasters – Just sayin’ … )

    • Glad you enjoyed, zan. 😀 He hypnotizes, he mesmerizes, we take one look and he owns us . . . that’s one reason I think he’d make a fantastic vampire.

      Sometimes I like to borrow another character’s line 😉 You know, mix and match.

      Considering how sexy even the man’s armpits are it is very hard to not envy that towel. LOL Thanks for the link, too! 😀

  3. What a treat to watch while avoiding filing 🙂 (although I’ve probably put everything in the wrong place because I was…umm..distracted?!) LOVE the video. I’ve been too lazy to look it up, but do you know who dressed RA for SPOOKS? Genius!

    • Obscura, I’m glad to hear I’m not the only one who likes to avoid filing.. Even though it’s a big part of my job I dislike doing it and am always behind with it! Hence the big piles of paper on my desk and general chaos! Chaos rulez! 🙂

    • Anything to make avoiding unpleasant work more fun. 😉 Glad you enjoyed. I don’t know who dressed him, just that he wore a lot of Belstaff stuff in terms of his outerwear. Of course, he wore his Lucas wardrobe a lot in RL, too. Which was just fine with me. 😀

      • He’ll always be Luscious Lucas to me. 😉 I think I replay my Spooks DVD’s more than some of the other things he has been in, as to me Richard was just perfect as Lucas. Maybe this is the reason I dislike S9 so much.

        I may be way off base here but I thought I read somewhere that although he was able to buy (or choose) his clothes for Spooks he hated shopping for himself – or is this just my imagination? Of course there was naturally someone whose job it was to pick the costumes for the series.

        • Yes, I remember that quote too Teuchter, because I hate shopping for clothes too, and when I read that I thought, oh great, at least Richard and I have something in common! 🙂

          • I remember it, too, for the same reason. With Richard’s height and proportions (OMG *tries to stop drooling*), it can’t be easy to find anything pret-a-porter that fits properly, although if I were a name-brand designer, I’d be begging to dress the man. I hate to think of how many pairs of jeans he has to try before he finds anything that works for him.

            • I bet as his star rises, there will be some designers out there who will take notice and want to get their hands on him. To dress him, of course. 😉 Servetus has discussed his difficult-to-fit body in posts before and compared his best and not-so-best looks. I know it has to be hard to find stuff that does fit him properly.

              Bless him, he’s been caught in shirts that look is as they were taken right out of the packages–you could see the creases still in the fabric. Also he has said in the past that he doesn’t have a fashion sense, or if he ever did, he lost it somewhere LOL

        • Yeah, his dislike of shopping led him to mostly stick with his Lucas clothes. Richard did a marvelous job with Lucas. I fell in love with the character from the first moment. S9–Lucas’s Porteresque sexiness and Richard’s bravura performance aside–was a travesty IMHO. 😦

          • I think that is what made S9 so hard to take as he somehow managed to look even more beautiful – something that I wouldn’t have thought possible! There is no doubt it had a lot to do with his still Porter-like physique combined with Richard’s performance as you said. *swoon* Were TPTB trying to kill all of us off too??? 😦

            • And he also moved more beautifully than ever. All that preparation for playing Porter and those graceful, balletic moves he made in SB carried over into S9. *sigh* I sometimes think there is more than a touch of sadism in TPTB. ;(

              • *sigh* is right. I think what TPTB perpetrated went beyond sadism, to destroy a beautifully constructed and beautiful creation, for what?

              • That was it for me. If it had been some pedestrian performance by a so-so actor, well, who would have cared all that much? But Richard did such a fine job with developing that character–and I think it was something he took a certain pride in, although he likely wouldn’t say so–and then for the writers to rip it to shreds for little more than I can see but shock value. “Look how clever we are!!” A clue? No. And if the whole Bateman scenario had been in the hands of a less accomplished actor, the whole thing would have been far more ludicrous. Literally laughed off the screen.

              • I know what you mean! I don’t think I have ever seen anyone run as gracefully as he does with those long loping strides. He completely does my head in when I see him making those “moves” when he is holding a gun with both hands! That scene in S9 where he tosses the pill up in the air with his left hand and catches it again then turns away. 😉 I turn to mush I tell you!! 😀 There were some particularly nice “rear” views when he and Beth were searching that flat in Episode 2 (see RA Central!) and I’m always mesmerized when he uses his hands to search for things like in the bathroom in the same episode. Truth be told he is just as gorgeous from the back as from the front! *blushes*

  4. Earlier on today I was looking at the entry on Spooks 7 on Wikipedia and one statement caught my eye. They had written about how cast members would submit notes to the writers throughout the writing process. They went on to say, “The writers were frequently annoyed with Armitage who gave out more notes than any other cast member . . . . ” To be fair I have to say that they apparently “also liked some of his ideas and included them in the scripts.” Was Spooks 9 – even though the writers were different I think – their way of getting their own back?? Made me wonder!

    • I’ve ALWAYS though it was a sort of payback. I know some people think I am just being paranoid, but it certainly seems as if they were also thumbing their noses at that “annoying” RA who had gone and gotten himself cast as a major character in a major motion picture. “Who the hell does he think he is?? We’ll fix his little red wagon!” And yes, they were different (and singularly unimpressive) writers who had previously done mostly comedy, as I recall reading. I wonder if their comedy was as unfunny as their drama was incredulous.

        • Every so often, I get really inspired. And really, was it much more far-fetched than what the actual scriptwriters gave us?? Apparently they had no photos or fingerprints or anything on the “real” Lucas North since a guy WHO LOOKED NOTHING LIKE HIM other than being a dark-haired male was able to step right in to take his place. Made MI5 look like a bunch of total numpties.

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