Thorin Thursday: He’s Got the Look


I love Thorin’s look from the top of his marvelous flowing mane to the tips of his bodacious boots. He looks every inch the regal king, the proud warrior and boy, is he HOT.

And in honor of Jane G, who may be this video’s number one fan, I include this celebration of Thorin’s marvelous mane–’cause, Hallelujah, I adore it!

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    • Whew, that was a read and a half, but well worth the time it took. Very interesting. Loved what he had to say about Richard/Thorin of course! Thank you for the link Nadia. 🙂

      • Yep, it’s long. 😉 That’s why I extracted the Richard/Thorin stuff in this morning’s post. Pedley’s article is very detailed but I also found it very interesting and of course–all the RA/Thorin love was delicious!!

  1. “And in honor of Jane G, who may be this video’s number one fan, I include this celebration of Thorin’s marvelous mane–’cause, Hallelujah, I adore it!” LOLROF!! Can you tell who watches this video? I’ve seen it at least as often as I’ve seen the trailers. 🙂 It’s a real tribute to RA for making me notice a man after years of ignoring them. I honestly don’t think I would have paid attention to Thorin if anyone else was playing him. As you’ve noted RA has that “something” that others lack. You’ve heard it called “It.” Marilyn Monroe had It, but Jayne Mansfield never did. You can’t describe “it” but you can see It and maybe most of all you can feel It. I’m hoping that this opens up a whole new career for RA, one where he is not just a pretty face, but someone who can do it all. I was looking at one of his photos and thought he’d make a great James Bond. He has the presence and he certainly has the talent. He’s going to go way beyond being a hot flash and it will be fun to watch his career take off.

    • He’s got the It Factor, the X Factor, he IS all that and a giant-size packet of crisps. Even in his still photos he exudes magnetism, presence, keen intelligence (smart is sexy to me) and sex appeal. He’s a great deal more than just another pretty face and fit body. And if there is anybody who can do it all, it’s Richard. He has so much versatility in his acting abilities and in all the other skills he has picked up along the way. To top it all off, he is really down to earth, modest, sweet, funny and kind. A decent human being and real gentleman. He is a rare breed, indeed. Yes, there are the actors, singers, etc. who are flavor of the month and then disappear just as quickly but Richard has staying power, I firmly believe that. He worked hard for years and went through lean times that caused him to question even staying in the business. Thank goodness he didn’t quit!!!

    • No offence, Jane, but I think RA’s talent would be wasted on Bond… With all due respect to any Connery or Brosnan or Craig fans out there.. IMO RA is on an altogether different level as far as acting skills and versatility go.

      • You know someone asked him about Bond at the Strike Back premiere, and he just sort of joked about it as I recall. While I think he would make a fabulous Bond–we already know he makes a great spy–I don’t know that he would want to play a character that’s been around that long at this point in his career vs. creating his own as he basically is by being the first Thorin on screen.

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