Guyday Friday Kick-Off: That face! That bod!


Without speaking a single syllable in that deep chocolate voice of his, Guy can express so much through smiles, smirks, sniffs, scowls, disdainful rolling of the eyes . . . and that long, lean and muscular body encased in buttery soft black leather–or wearing nothing but a few pieces of armor and his medieval undies–speaks volumes, too.

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  1. Happy Guyday Friday to us! I love celebrating Guyday. *happy dance*

    P.S. It seems that I am not allowed to comment on the Thorin gifs. No se que pasa.

  2. I thought Richard was pretty hilarious in that episode!! As you said, even without saying a word he can convey a multitude of emotions. He had me in stitches. 😀 Of course it goes without saying the he was utterly gorgeous in that scene with the armour fitting. 😉 He always manages to get that dip which come v..e..r..y low in the front of his “undies” (or towel as the case may be in other roles) or whatever is it that he is wearing. I think our eyes are on auto pilot when we look at this scene!

      • As I understand now, they have some nifty adhesive stuff to hold fabrics to skin without causing the hellish irritation that used to be a problem. Oh, to be a-twitchin’ and a-stickin’ with that fine body… I’m sure it was sheer torture for her (wink, wink).

        • I know it’s Guyday but what about the other torturous job: applying the tattoo transfers onto Lucas North’s naked torso…I often wonder about whose job it was to apply the Gnothi Seauton tattoo especially..And whether he really did fall asleep during the process as he said in one of the interviews? In that case he can’t be too ticklish or maybe he was still half asleep..Sorry, I’m rambling…

          • Oh, brother–now imagine Richard sitting there, that heavy fringe of lashes brushing the tops of his cheeks, those soft-looking lips parted oh so slightly, dark hair just a little disheveled, his bare chest gently rising and falling as he dozes peacefully—oh my word, how tempting that would be, if you know what I mean . . .

            • Well, he said there were like 5 (?) people (I assume they must have been ladies?) at a time “working on him” I mean sorry, applying the tattoos, so that must have had dampening effect on any naughty thoughts those make-up artists may have had..I’m sure they were all very professional! 🙂

            • So very tempting… Yet there’s thinking and there’s doing. Under the circumstances, and as Judit says with a team of fellow professionals (witnesses), I’d have to confine myself to thinking.

              • And I bet there was definitely some thinking going on. I would be quite shocked if there wasn’t. We are only human–and he is just divine. 😉

        • I have this little video replaying in my head of having to slide just the tip two fingers around the inside of that waistband to make sure it’s not rolled over anywhere – I am a perfectionist when it comes to my imaginary costuming job…

  3. Happy Guyday Friday to you, to us, to me !!! Sir Guy you are unforgettable and I”m dreaming of a memoir (memoire ?) about Guy effect !

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