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The intensity of that gaze . . .

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  1. Thank goodness they refined his look since the early days.
    The end version of Thorin looks far more sexy and regal rather than Klingon mixed in with a bit of Grizzly Adams!! ☺

    • He’s come a long way, baby. 😉 It is fun looking back at how Thorin morphed on his path to his unexpected journey. I love the fish in the barrel and Thorin on his “pony” gifs from the first post. I could watch them over and over again. You see Richard’s sense of humor shining through in those moments. 😀

      • Oh the fish throwing was the sweetest moment ever. 🙂 I’ll never forget that flurry of excitement that was Comic Con, the night I spent tweeting and jumping from website to website so as not to miss one moment of Richard’s appearance there..! A big serving of happiness hormones after such a long drought!

        • The impish smile on his face was wonderful as he tossed that fish. I showed the GIF to Benny last night and he got quite the kick out of it. 😀 It makes me happy to see that RA seemed to have such a good time making the films and enjoyed himself along the way. Yes, after my huge disappointment, being able to take part in the excitement of all the interviews and photos was really fun and cathartic.

          • It was fantastic and in a way, a “revenge” on the troll that you were able to enjoy the experience despite all the heartache that she caused!

              • Although she would quickly deny it, I don’t think deep down inside this is a happy person. I think to behave in such a malicious manner–and not just towards me but several other individuals– is definitely a sign something is wrong. I think she needs help. Whether she will ever admit it and seek it is another story. It’s really sad.

  2. I wonder if you can answer my question, when I see that first picture I wonder why he has a crooked nose? when I look at all the others pictures of Thorin (except on that scene) his nose seems normal. I wonder why there is this difference? did they change something in the make-up? 😦

    • Hello, Arwen and welcome. That was one of the earliest glimpses we got of Thorin in PJ’s video blogs and I believe they were still refining Thorin’s look. They started out with a larger hook-type nose and eventually went with something smaller and more like Richard’s own aquiline nose. Richard himself said they did some experimenting with his appearance, including a longer fake beard, before settling on him wearing his own shorter whiskers. 😀

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