Passion, Pride, Attitude: A media blogger’s view of RA as Thorin


Nadia pointed out a blog post at (A) musings last night that provides a blow-by-blow review, written by Kyle Pedley, of the latest Hobbit trailer. Pedley loves all things Tolkien and Peter Jackson, and was such a huge fan of the LoTR trilogy he was invited to the premiere of the final film by the UK distributors.

Here is the link to the entire article, which is quite lengthy but also quite interesting.

He made a lot of nice observations about Mr. Armitage, too.  Mr. Pedley, we like you. 😀

I have extracted comments specific to Richard and his performance as Thorin Oakenshield.  The underlining and highlighting are my additions.

(This passage references Thorin meeting Bilbo for the first time at Bag’s End)

In regards to Richard Armitage’s performance, he seems to
have nailed the regal pride of Thorin perfectly, and you can genuinely sense he
is not entirely convinced by the individual stood before him, almost bemused by
Bilbo. The doubt of Thorin and the dwarves is mentioned and touched upon in the
book but in the same light tone as much of the proceedings – it seems Jackson,
Walsh and the team are going to naturally take this a little further and, given
the arc Bilbo and Thorin go on together, this is entirely understandable and
will make for much more dramatic, involving and satisfying cinema

(Thorin delivering his rousing speech to the company around the table)

The conviction and almost ferocity of Armitage’s delivery really lends Thorin an air of danger, which will be key for the events to come in what will likely be the third film now. I just hope he is given some more pensive and personal moments, and again given the calibre of character work the team did with the Rings ensemble, I imagine this to be highly likely, especially now we are looking at a trilogy *angie’s note. I am hoping the same thing*
. I can already sense echoes of Boromir in Thorin, with his distrusting edge, pride and passion for his homeland, the inevitable parallels to the ring with his desire for the Arkenstone and outrage at Bilbo and his redemption in death. Like Boromir, I imagine some of his more tender moments may be exploring his genuine desire to reclaim his kingdom and avenge the wrongs put upon him and his people.
(referencing Thorin’s reply to Elrond’s question about the reason for the quest)
(Screencaps courtesy of Richard Armitage Net)
“WHAT OF IT?” – Again, more front and attitude from Thorin, and I’m pleased his pride is front and centre even to the likes of Elrond. I foresee him becoming quite a favourite with viewers, and Armitage to receive plenty of plaudits and praise for his performance.
It’s definitely not just the besotted fangurlz who are impressed with RA as Thorin.  I am loving this appreciation and enthusiasm for his performance.
And you know what? My prediction is the same as Mr. Pedley’s.  😀
I did chuckle when the writer referred to Aidan as not being particularly “dwarfen” in appearance (he’s waiting to see him in scale before pronouncing final judgement), and Pedley’s assumption that Aidan and Dean as Thorin’s nephews are supposed to be the heart-throbs. Well, yes, that’s true, but . . .
Dear man, not only is Richard Armitage going to receive plaudits and praise for the performance, he’s also going to cause heart palpitations left, right and center.  Because that proud, regal alpha dwarf is HOT.
And now I am more excited than ever to see Thorin and Company on the big screen.

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  1. Not specific to Richard but I also like this comment :
    One of Peter Jackson and his teams great strengths is their casting ability, and it’s encouraging that this new trilogy is going to be in the hands of mainly three extremely proficient and capable actors perfectly cast in their roles (Freeman, Mckellen and Armitage).

    Richard you are extremely proficient *sigh*, capable *sigh sigh*, perfectly cast *sigh sigh sigh*

  2. Ah! How wonderful to hear his praises sung beyond the ranks of the AA. It’s about time he gets the recognition he deserves!! I can’t wait to say “I told you so” to my family!

    • Exactly! That is why I was so chuffed to read this when Nadia shared the link. I feel as if he has been so underrated as an actor. A lot of the media attention in the UK has been on RA being a heartthrob, hottie, hunk–and he’s all those things–but he is also such a detailed, nuanced, intelligent performer. So much more than eye candy.

      I am glad in a way that he wasn’t well known here in the US in the sense that people didn’t already have erroneous preconceptions about him. The majority of Americans will come to know him as an outstanding actor with charisma and real screen presence who can hold his own against old pros like Sir Ian. *squee*

      And my BIL is going to be the first one that I tell “I told you so!!” 😉

  3. WOW!! Some great things said about RA this is wonderful isn’t it. But then again we already knew that he was “perfect” for the role

    • Isn’t it great to have such a Tolkien enthusiast show this excitement over RA’s casting and performance?? And yes, we can all be smug and pat ourselves on the backs having already known what a fantastic job he would do.

      • Can we pat Richard on the back, too, for another wonderful chaRActer and just because we want to?

        Yes, to have won praise from the Tolkien contingent is quite something, because initially all they seemed to be able to say was that his beard wasn’t long enough. We know Richard had the chops to create the definitive Thorin, and now the rest of the world is starting to see it, too.

        • I would also give him a bear hug of congratulations and pride if I had the chance and the courage. 😉 I am sure there will still be some short beard whiners because some people have to have something to bitch about. But the fact is capturing the essence, the spirit, the passion, the pride of the character is far more important ultimately than how long the damn beard is or isn’t. Richard IS Thorin and yes, people are already beginning to feel the Armitage Effect through the trailers and glimpses of his performance they give us.

          • Well said!! This is a wonderful review and I read every word of it. There always will be detractors but I’m confident they will be in the minority. I’m actually so proud of Richard I feel I could burst!! I can’t imagine what I’m going to feel like once I actually get to see the movie! 😀

  4. Thanks for sharing this. It’s exactly what we all knew would happen. He’s going to impress millions of folks with his incredible acting!! Woo Hoo! 🙂

  5. WOW! I’m very happy and proud of him but I was sure that people will appreciate Richard’s talent.
    Even my Mark once said ” I’m the pattern of male beauty …but he is fine” 😀

  6. There are detractors, I read some of the comments under the facebook entry of a new Thorin pic the other day and I immediately regretted it! Without the long beard he’s quite simply not a dwarf, he’s too young, he’s too handsome, they made his character heroic and likeable whereas in the book Thorin is a real jerk and very greedy as well..(can’t comment on that criticism as I have yet to read the book).. etc. You get the picture. I promised myself many times I would not read the facebook comments about Thorin..Should have listened to myself! 🙂 Seems to me that to every positive comment there is a negative one.It’s probably not as bad as that, it’s more likely that the negative comments just stick with me more than the good ones!

    • As I have said, you are not EVER going to make EVERYONE happy. It’s simply impossible. There are Tolkien fans who are not particularly PJ fans; there are purists who demand total dedication to the source material without any deviation (and how often does that happen with any adaptation of a novel?) I saw a comment somewhere from a guy who doesn’t think certain books should ever be made into movies including Tolkien’s. So he’s got a prejudice right from the start.

      Remember, there are people who criticized the casting in LoTR, too. And those films did OK. 😉

      I have every confidence the MAJORITY of those seeing RA in these films will be completely impressed with his performance–and some of the naysayers will be among them, even if they don’t want to actually ADMIT it.

      I have read The Hobbit, and it seems to me PJ is improving on the source material in the sense he is fleshing out these characters. The individual dwarfs now have distinct looks and personalities and the book doesn’t really give you that. About the only thing I learned from the book was that Bombur was fat and they all wore different colored hoods.

      I don’t see Thorin as written in the book as a jerk; proud, yes, perhaps a bit self-important, and yes, he wants to restore the gold and the kingdom to his people. But isn’t that understandable since it was theirs in the first place??

      And I don’t bother to read the Facebook comments. Just isn’t worth my time. 😉

      • You’re right of course… I won’t be spending any more of my precious time reading those comments, that’s for sure! 🙂 Of course, there are some sensible commenters as well, one of the guys said these will be films BASED on the book which means there will be departures from the source material. Anyway,he put it much better but can’t remember the exact wording. And someone kindly asked the naysayers to shut up and give the guy a chance! 🙂

        • LOL we used to have a couple of agitators who posted at the newspaper blog just trying to be contrary and start an argument and other commenters would start asking them to shut up. 😉 The one guy who was my semi-stalker ( he wanted me to have his children after he decided he admired me) we banned, thank goodness.

          I used to work with a guy who I can absolutely see as one of those Negative Ned types. The one who (as Benny said) “lived in the basement of his parents’ trailer.” 😉

        • And this being a Thorin post, I am happy to announce my The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey wall calendar has shipped! Just got notification. Can’t wait to see the artwork. *squee* I am loving how Thorin is being so featured so prominently . . .

          • I was thrilled to see that NZ has brought out commemorative Hobbit stamps and coins! How I wish I lived there! 🙂 I do have a friend who lives there but she is rather poorly so I couldn’t impose upon her to even mail something with a Thorin stamp on it. 😦 I wish!

            I wonder what Richard – and the others of course – think about seeing themselves on these stamps and coins? I think it’s pretty monumental as I’m sure no other country will be permitted to use these images even if they wanted to. All very exciting to my way of thinking as Thorin/Richard’s face becomes better known all around the world! 😀 **gives standing ovation!!**

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