Guyday Friday: The Staggering Beauty of Glamour Guy


Guy is quite the looker in all his incarnations. But when he returns from his stay with Prince John in S3 wearing those lustrous locks and that “Don’t hate me because I’m beautiful” smirk on his face, I found him truly more breathtaking than ever.  In fact, I think I stopped breathing for a few moments.

Glamour Guy has arrived . . . in more GIFs and fanart. Enjoy!

Guy apparently freshened up after his sweaty battle with the Treacherous Troll. He’s lookin’ sleek and gorgeous again.

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  1. I’m certainly enjoying this! “Staggering beauty” pretty well sums him up. 😉 As in so many other roles no-one could have brought Sir Guy to life like Richard did.

    I was re-reading a quote from Frances Tempest today (the costume designer for RH S1 and 2 – just in case there is anyone who doesn’t already know this. ;)) which was linked on another blog. LOVE what she said! “Robin was supposed to be for the female audience. I don’t think he ever achieved that because Guy of Gisborne came along and STOLE THE SHOW.” (emphasis mine) Truer words were never spoken!!!

    • I thought you would. 😀 I suspect I would never have become the ardent member of Team Leather that I am were it not for RA playing the role. I would likely not have this blog were it not for Guy, because that was the conduit to me discovering Richard in the first place. It’s the only thing of his that’s aired over here that was accessible to me (in a legal manner . . . I will say no more).

      Oh, Frances had it right, Richard as Guy completely and utterly stole that show. And I truly believe Guy’s role was beefed up as the show progressed because TPTB saw how the audience was responding to Richard’s portrayal. As to Justin Beiber with scruffy facial hair–well, he had his admirers, certainly–but it wasn’t for THIS part of the female audience, that’s for sure!!

      • Agreed. Without Richard, there would be no Team Leather, of which so many of us are members. I imagine TPTB augmented Guy’s part because they saw (1) what Richard could do with the role and (2) how the audience responded. I do have to wonder about the sanity of someone imagining that Jonas Armstrong would appeal to the female audience. Errol Flynn could get away with the “boyish charm” thing, but seriously — why would you want the peevish brat when there’s a real man around?

        • I am trying to remember how one male critic described the new version of the Legend–it was NOT at all flattering to Jonas or the way the role was written and directed. He basically thought he was a pitiful excuse for a hero. Jonas IMHO has looks more suited to character roles, although I am not sure he has the acting chops for them. Whereas Richard is a detailed, consummate character actor who inhabits a leading man’s face and body.

          Robin, as given to us in RH 2006 never came across as a man who had experienced the horrors of war and come back somewhat hardened and matured by it. He struck me as a manipulative spoilt brat who depended on his boyish cheeky charm a little too much, behaved like a frat boy around the pretty wenches, loved being praised for his good deeds, took advantage of his ever-faithful servant and treated him in a very condescending fashion and expected his childhood sweetie to fall at his feet when he finally made it home.

    • I mean to say “on your other post” NOT “on another blog”. It’s all this Guyday Gorgeousness affecting my brain I think! 🙂 Well that’s my excuse and I’m sticking to it!!!

  2. I love the S3 look! Those glorious wavy extensions – they don’t have that glob of hair quality that you see with extension so often, and RA really knows how to work the hair flip! He does all kinds of great head tilts…I love the one you show where he’s sort of peering out from behind a swath of hair that’s angling toward the right eye, “That’s right, I’m looking at you.” *gulp*

    • And if you look at the photo of RA from his early 20s, his natural hair appeared to have a very similar wave in it at that length (we know he’s got natural wave/curl anyway). So even the texture of the hair was just simpatico for the man.

      And Richard is MASTER of hair acting. I love the way he flicks back his hair like a proud stallion tossing his mane. As I have said, he does the best peek-a-boo hair look since Veronica Lake back in the 40s. 😉

  3. Harry may have been my first chaRActer love, but it was Guy who piqued my interest, and of course there was so much more of him to see with lots of film, YouTube vids and pictures. He wasn’t so much Glamour Guy however, it was the dungeon scenes with Meg that caught my attention, and he was looking far from glamorous then. But the way he looks in that first gif…*swoon* “Staggering beauty” describes him perfectly.

    • As I said, I love Guy in all his incarnations, but S3 Guy–from the wild-eyed boozy madman of the first ep, to Glamour Guy, Fugitive Guy, Imprisoned Guy, Good Guy Guy—was particularly astonishing. The way he used those long tresses to such good effect, the way he was lit in many of the scenes, that sort of medieval samurai-by-way-of-Milan costume he wore . . . and Richard’s performance was epic.

      I thought it was interesting–Guy came back looking young and fitter than ever and Robin looked older to me–bulkier and a rapidly receding hairline, at the beginning of the third series. Which, I suppose, was good because they could hardly have been childhood friends if Guy was more than a decade older than Robin.

  4. Got e-mail to the effect that 6 October was the sixth anniversary of the BBC-RH premiere. It’s hard for me to believe it has been that long, and yet I cannot now imagine life without Guy of Gisborne.

    • Six years and yet it seems as fresh in our memories as if it had been yesterday. Truly an unforgettable character as is the amazing man and actor who brought him to life. We are still watching the DVD’s, all those great videos and reading the fanfic! It may seem a little crazy but we somehow still mourn his passing – even though he (thankfully) has the SND status. 🙂

      • I definitely still mourn him, even though of course–he is still very much alive and well in the land of the SND. I did some work on the rest of the birthday story earlier and hope to get it posted tomorrow. I had such little sleep last night that I ended up sleeping a good portion of today.

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