Daily Archives: October 6, 2012

Color therapy with Luscious Lucas


I’ve always been fascinated by color psychology. I remember my high art teacher choosing blue as the color for our new art room. “I want it to feel as if you are in a swimming pool–relaxing, serene.”  Blue is a color that many people equate with calm and serenity.

In ancient cultures, chromotherapy–using the power of color to heal–was practiced. Different colors were believed to have different helpful properties.

Blue was believed to soothe illnesses and treat pain.

Blue is also a color we associate with the character of Lucas North. Those cornflower eyes, more striking than ever in the cool tones of the lights and sets on Spooks; his French blue shirts and those snug-fitting azure pullovers complimenting those eyes and contrasting with the fair skin and dark hair.  Do Lucas and his beautiful blue peepers have the power to heal and soothe?  I could use some healing power right about now, how about you?

Saturday Assortment of RA


Rewatching Stardust and cuddling one weird but strangely adorable three-legged tuxedo cat with a Hitler mustache. Having been sick most of the week it’s been nice having Miss Thumper Cat to keep me company.

Not feeling particularly motivated, I fear. Still spitting up gunk, but at least it’s coming out instead of sitting in my chest. I am going to try to finish the second part of the birthday bash story this weekend, but it will have to be later or tomorrow.  Anyhow, I dipped into my RA fanart folder and here are some images of the lovely and talented Richard. It’s always nice to have him keep one company, too. 😉