Color therapy with Luscious Lucas


I’ve always been fascinated by color psychology. I remember my high art teacher choosing blue as the color for our new art room. “I want it to feel as if you are in a swimming pool–relaxing, serene.”  Blue is a color that many people equate with calm and serenity.

In ancient cultures, chromotherapy–using the power of color to heal–was practiced. Different colors were believed to have different helpful properties.

Blue was believed to soothe illnesses and treat pain.

Blue is also a color we associate with the character of Lucas North. Those cornflower eyes, more striking than ever in the cool tones of the lights and sets on Spooks; his French blue shirts and those snug-fitting azure pullovers complimenting those eyes and contrasting with the fair skin and dark hair.  Do Lucas and his beautiful blue peepers have the power to heal and soothe?  I could use some healing power right about now, how about you?

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  1. I like the green and purple in these pics.

    I had a baby blue bedroom in an old house and, when I felt ill, it made me feel very depressed and closed in, so blue’s not for me, except as teal or azure

    It does, however, suit Richard – any shade of blue seems to somehow brighten his eyes and flatter his shin tone..

    • I think it has to be the right shade of blue, actually, to keep from crossing the line into melancholy blue vs. calming 😉 . . . I have never really liked powder, dusty or baby blue particularly myself, but more vivid blues, and blues with a yellow undertone such as aqua, oh yes. I am attracted to warm colors in part, I suppose, because I have those undertones in my own complexion. I agree, Richard always looks lovely in pretty much any shade of blue. Actually, Richard looks lovely pretty much anytime in anything. 😉

  2. A rhapsody in blue he certainly is, and I’m relishing that soothing, healing power. *purrs, thinking of Lucas*

    One of the bedrooms here is painted a light sky blue because it’s also a cooling colour and that bedroom can get hot in summer. The curtains are a coordinating Wm Morris print, so the effect is light-hearted, more cheerful.

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