Saturday Assortment of RA


Rewatching Stardust and cuddling one weird but strangely adorable three-legged tuxedo cat with a Hitler mustache. Having been sick most of the week it’s been nice having Miss Thumper Cat to keep me company.

Not feeling particularly motivated, I fear. Still spitting up gunk, but at least it’s coming out instead of sitting in my chest. I am going to try to finish the second part of the birthday bash story this weekend, but it will have to be later or tomorrow.  Anyhow, I dipped into my RA fanart folder and here are some images of the lovely and talented Richard. It’s always nice to have him keep one company, too. 😉

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  1. I love the gouache effect,it suits Richard very well. I had to google Ned Kelly, though the name did sound familiar. I can see the similarity but NK had a much longer beard than Richard (at least on the photo that was taken the day before his execution).. Haven’t seen the film with Heath Ledger, have you seen it Kathryn? Is it any good?

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