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  1. I know “Moving On” was an afternoon show so showing any sexy time was out of the question but it would have been nice to see Mr. Mulligan in action “between the sheets”..(sorry, couldn’t resist…)

      • Thanks, it did work out well. I got my act together and wrote for a couple of hours. I tried to do some online research, but argh! Search for something quite specific and you get ten or more pages of irrelevant entries. I miss having access to good libraries.

        • I understand your frustration with the Internet. There is a lot of good info, but there is also a lot of crap to sort through and it can be tedious and frustrating. I found some wonderful books on fashion throughout history at Amazon. Lots of detailed B&W drawings and information. I got the one on hair and headdresses first and liked it so much ordered the ones on footwear and costumes from the same author-R. Turner Wilcox. I thought about you and your costume designs.

  2. Didn’t have time to comment earlier but he sure is a treat any time of the day. Extra nice to wake up to though! 😉

  3. I think my blood pressure is low enough so that I can type now. I was surfing around and decided to look up “Between the Sheets.” I found a link to the best few minutes of the series. OMG! High quality and amazing. I also found another link previously where someone did a blow-up of the shots and RA does not appear to be wearing a cup in this scene. Oh to be a fly on the wall…

    • Richard is quite beautiful to behold as Paul, that’s for sure–Greek god-like in those scenes. Very–believable, shall we say. 😉 He does a really good job with the role, which is a complex one. Needless to say, it’s a pretty controversial role amongst RA fans due to the nature of the subject matter. I did a post on it a while back and it had a lot of comments.

      • I’ll have to see if I can find your post. I have not seen any of it except for the real between the sheets clip. I can’t find it to rent and can’t afford to buy it, so all I have to go by is what I’ve read. I know he loves layered characters and certainly appears to have no problems with his body or with sex, or the simulation thereof. I would think that, for him, it’s just another complex scene. I read a bit in an interview where he has to tell himself at the end of the day who he is. If he is this immersed then this sex scene could have gotten pretty wild. I can imagine him using the tension of having to remain in control as a driving force behind the character.

        • Sorry Jane I missed this comment earlier! If you have a fast internet connection then you can watch RA’s scenes in Between the Sheets on You Tube minus the X-rated stuff. Angie’s post is well worth reading!

        • There’s a link to that post in another response here. Richard has a lot of intensity in his acting as you will discover as you see more and more of his stuff. And that includes in the love scenes. As I said, very believable. I think both his dancing and acting training helped make him comfortable with his body and with performing intimacy onscreen. I don’t know if you have had occasion to see the famed North and South train station scene yet, but basically he makes love to the woman with his eyes before he ever touches her, and then that kiss–the single most romantic, swoonworthy kiss I have ever seen onscreen.

          Someone said RA couldn’t possibly be shy and also do these kinds of scenes (specifically the more graphic sex scenes), but I disagree. The person you are in RL and the characters you play onscreen or on stage can be very different.

          He’s also a dedicated professional and he will do whatever it takes–be waterboarded (twice) and drive a tiny submarine (in spite of a fear of deep water), train until he’s ready to either throw up or pass out or both–and I admire that dedication and determination to getting it right.

        • I share the sentiment.. Just to be clear, I wouldn’t want to be Julie Graham but for the duration “those” scenes…*blush* Well, that’s a bit unfair as she might actually be a very nice woman in RL..

    • I haven’t seen those blow-ups, Jane. Really, some people are very, very naughty! 🙂 Not that I blame them, mind you!:) I’m intrigued, which scene did you refer to as the “best few minutes” of the series?

      • The clip is here and it is pretty close to X-rated so do NOT open this link with anyone in the room. It starts right in and it’s loud.

        This same site has quite a number of sound clips of RA reading poetry.

        You can find the stills if you google: richard armitage butt It’s the first site I think. “OMG his butt – Richard Armitage.” It is a gay site, but his stills are the only porn on it. Again do NOT open with anyone else in the room.

        This is obviously a man who has no problems with nudity and sexuality. I would love to know more about the scene and how it was filmed. I wonder if the Brits clear the sound stage like we do here in the States. I also know that even with all the crew around it’s difficult for the man not to respond. I’d pretty much kill for the outtakes on this. RA appears to have quite a sense of humor and I’ll bet there was some giggling done this day.

        • Thanks Jane! 🙂 There is no way in hell that I’m going to google THAT here in the office using my company laptop (even though I’m on my own at the moment, but Big Brother could always be watching!!). Do not want to lose my job…(I probably should curb my Richarding during work hours anyway.. I may one day get into trouble for it!) And in any case I wouldn’t google his backside glorious though it looks..I have my limits I suppose.. LOL! I take it Jane you haven’t seen the whole series? I actually think the best scene of the series is Paul and Alona’s couple’s therapy session. The acting is quite masterful. All 3 actors are brilliant in it IMO.

          • The reason I didn’t give the link to that one is I’m not sure if Angie would approve of me directing anyone to a gay porn site. Someone might not read, click on the link and have a stroke. “Breathe Aunt Martha! Breathe!! If you drop me a line I can send you the link, or just the pictures if you prefer. I think the google I did to find it originally was if RA is gay (after reading an article that suggested it.) I found a number of articles saying “no he isn’t.” I also found a delightful article in that explains why people might think that he is. Apparently it is common for British men to normally exhibit traits be thought gay by Americans.

            It’s a PG at most web site:

            • I have to confess I’d feel a little bit uncomfortable/uneasy looking at those nude stills of RA. I can’t really explain why. I’m not prudish or anything. I just feel it’s off limits for me. 🙂 I have Between the Sheets on DVD, watched it a couple of times so it’s not like I can’t watch the sex scenes.. 🙂

              • If they were candid shots taken by a lurking photographer I would never have looked at them. These are professional, taken while he was working and performing, therefore I can appreciate his well-toned rear in good conscience. 😉

              • I think that does make a difference, at least for me. I hate those awful shots where people have a expectation of privacy and some pap with a long lens is shooting them from a quarter-mile away. These are, as you said, JaneGael, Richard at work on a set playing Paul Andrews, not Richard in the privacy of his own or someone else’s home.

            • Personally, I wouldn’t have minded (I have written slash, after all) but for the sake of any readers who might be taken by unpleasant surprise, I think you made the right call, my dear. 😉

              What’s interesting is that almost any actor of note has had his sexual orientation questioned at some point. It’s almost like you haven’t arrived until someone has asked if you are gay. I myself see Richard as a shy, gentlemanly straight man with a definite flirtatious side. I am married to a man like that (ya’ll know i have referred to Benny as my personal Harry Kennedy).

        • I watched Ralph Fiennes in “Inside an Actor’s Studio” a while ago (you can find it on YT, it’s very interesting!) and he was asked about how he deals with filming love scenes and he said a sense of humour is essential from both parties, you have to be able to laugh about it all.. He quoted David Niven who apparently told one of his on-screen partners: “forgive me if I get aroused and forgive me if I don’t”.. apparently it’s a good ice-breaker! 🙂

          • Exactly, I think you have to be able to relax and go with the flow. I loved David Niven, such a charmer. I just read a quote from Arnold Scharwzenagger mentioning becoming aroused in the set of Conan during a love scene and getting panicky. One of the crew members said something to the effect of just behave naturally and Arnie replied that was the problem!! LOL

            • I don’t think Arnie was capable of “acting” under any circumstances… (sorry just couldn’t resist!)! Well, maybe in his private life..But that’s another matter.

          • Hahahaha! this is just great!..I think, I’d feel offended if he wasn’t been excited at all 😀
            This must be the one of my favorite “Inside Actor’s Studio” , Ralph Fiennes seems to be symphatetic and somewhat shy, don’t you think?

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