Sunday Smorgasbord: Quadruple the Fun!


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  1. I don’t know if you have seen any episodes of the long running British series “Silent Witness” which stars an actor called Tom Ward. (Apparently he is leaving the show) I had seen a bit of it a number of years ago – before he was in it I think – and only started watching what I think are newer episodes on BBC Canada a few weeks ago. There was another episode on tonight and later when “looking him up” found that he has a bit of a resemblance to “our” Richard. He is even the same age. Adding link to BBC about the program – hope it works.

    Comments please! BTW – he doesn’t “do” anything for me although I am enjoying the series.

    • I saw him in Vanity Fair which I also have on DVD and I agree, there is a certain resemblance, especially from certain angles. And no, he doesn’t “do” it for me the way RA does, either. 😉 But then, who does???

    • Teuchter, I love Silent Witness! I used to watch it back in the golden days when I had BBC Prime. I loved Tom Ward’s character in the series. I was always rooting for him to get together with Emilia Fox’s character. Never happened as far as I know. Tom’s very handsome and I like him as an actor but not on the same level as Richard of course. 🙂 TW never had that “hit-me-in-the-solar-plexus” effect on me. But you’re right, TW and RA do resemble each other a little. 🙂

    • Teuchter, I’ve always thought that Tom Ward bears a resemblance to Richard too, and I like him as an actor, but isn’t it funny how that familiar poleaxing just doesn’t happen, even with said resemblance and his good looks.

      • Glad to hear that both of you saw the resemblance and it wasn’t just me! I looked up the last few episodes of SW I had recorded and they are dated 2011, so pretty recent. Definitely no “poleaxing” for me either even though I liked his Harry Cunningham character! Only Richard has THAT kind of effect on me and does he ever! 😉

        • There’s a screencap I have of him as John Mulligan in profile looking up and you can really see the resemblance there. Yeah, I can look at other actors and think, attractive man, good actor–but it’s just not the same.

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