Because the beauty just gets to me.


It amazes, gobsmacks, floors, overwhelms, stuns, takes my breath away.  So much beauty in one human being.





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  1. It’s a little unfair really, isn’t it? Anyway since he’s just as beautiful inside as outside, I don’t begrudge him anything he’s got from the Almighty!

    • And that, of course, is what really, really slays me. That someone blessed with that much physical beauty AND talent AND intelligence is also such a down-to-earth, modest, sweet, likeable guy.

            • Oh, alright…we do need to give Dad SOME credit 🙂 I think you’re right, we do tend to forget how much time our kids spend with teachers and how much of an impact they have. Nature & Nurture IMHO.

              • I thank God regularly for having had a number of wonderful, caring teachers and other adults in my life who served as mentors. I realize how many people don’t have that in their lives and I really do think it makes a difference. Richard came from both a nurturing home and obviously had some great teachers, including Miss Pat and her staff at Pattison College.

            • I often think about Miss Pat too! I always think she must have seen the potential in him even then. It’s sad she isn’t around – well not physically – to see what he has already achieved. I believe she would have been so proud of him.

              • I like to think that she does know and is somehow looking down with a beaming smile, saying, “I knew that Rich had something very special in him!”

  2. I often find myself without the words to adequately describe how I feel about him and what he does to me, but your first line pretty well sums it up!

  3. What a lovely way to begin Thanksgiving Day here in Canada!! Thank you for these words and images Angie on this of all days. They beautifully capture how I feel about him and his effect on me. I’m certainly thankful for Richard! He is, as Judit says, “just as beautiful inside as outside”.

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