The Accountant & the Artist: The Sunshine of Those Smiles . . .


So many of Richard’s roles have been rather serious ones–requiring a lot of angst, brooding and “faces like thunder.” He’s great at it, of course, but sometimes you need a little lightness.Β So the roles that allow him to laugh and smile are always welcome, because he does both so heartily, beautifully, endearingly. We get those sunny smiles with sweet Harry Kennedy the accountant in The Vicar of Dibley and as Claude Monet, the artist filled with joie de vivre in The Impressionists. Oh, the sunshine of those smiles . . .

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  1. Blinding! Along the same line is that great outtake video from “The Impressionists” where he has that uncontrollable giggle going on…irresistibly cute!

  2. He looks so boyishly happy!:) Thank God that he likes to smile becouse for me he represents the type of guy wich is somewhat intimidating.

  3. I have a feeling that when we see him smile we are somehow seeing the REAL Richard Armitage and it leaves me breathless!

  4. I have spent some time screencapping over the last couple of days, mainly The Impressionists and Between the Sheets. I aim for a variety of moods and emotions, but found myself going over and over the images of him smiling, trying to capture every single precious frame of those wonderful moments of “beautiful incandescence.” I was actually surprised that, considering the subject matter of BTS, he does smile quite a lot in that production.
    I agree that when we see him smile we somehow get a glimpse of the real Richard, the one his family and friends see, and there’s the “oof” in the solar plexus time and time again. *thud*

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