Two for Tuesday: The Artist and the Spy


Lucas, in my Land of the So Not Dead, is now happily out of the spy game and re-discovering the love he had for art. I loaned him art supplies as a form of therapy after the great mission to rectify what was done to him by TPTB. And  for Christmas that year, I gave him supplies of his own. He’s done beautifully ever since then, growing in his skills and exploring his creativity, healing little by little, one day at a time. Monsieur Monet stepped in when I requested it to provide further artistic tutelage. It’s been a happy arrangement.

Those two have since become fast friends as well as teacher and student. Two men of different nationalities, from different times and places, yet able to find common ground.

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  1. I wish these two really had painted each other, perhaps in the autumn woods near Fedoralady’s house. Failing that, the images you’ve created are truly lovely.

    • Wouldn’t that have been a treat? *sigh* Our leaves have yet to turn here . . . the fall colors come late in LA. At least we are getting more fall-like temperatures here now. The cats really want to curl up with you–you’d think it was freezing!! Benny said he might have to break out the heating pad for Callie. Thumper’s cuddled up in the faux fur throw.

      • There are worse ambitions than to be a cat bed. My cat used to love the faux-wolf duvet when I’d pull it out for the winter. I hope that soon you’ll be well enough to go walking and enjoy it.

        • Thumper is cuddled up beside me on the faux leopard throw, looking extremely comfy. I can rub her cute black and white belly. Yeah, I would like to get out more now that the weather has finally moderated (and my sinuses calmed down). I hope to go to town on Wednesday and run some errands, maybe grab lunch with Benny, if all goes well. We shall see.

              • I washed my hair tonight and that helped with the sinuses. Still coughing stuff up but it looks better. I got about five hours straight of sleep today, actually felt somewhat rested, which doesn’t happen often with sleep for me. (stupid FMS) Hope things work out tomorrow, too. It’s supposed to be a nice day.

  2. Luscious Lucas! Yet another wonderful chaRActer who came to inhabit our lives and our dreams. I always have to have pictures of him somewhere close by – a little one tucked into my purse; a larger one inside my journal and an even larger one secreted inside my bedside cabinet! *sigh*

    Richard was wonderful and very convincing as Monet. He always gave me the feeling I was watching the real person in his performance and it gave me a whole new insight into Impressionism. When I recently saw a collection of beautiful bone china mugs called “Monet Classics” you will understand that I HAD to buy one! There were so many lovely ones but quite expensive so I opted for one with his water lilies on it.

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