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It’s the time for some sexy, methinks.


Temptation. Attraction. Enticement. Desire. Arousal. Release. It’s the time . . . of the season. Ahhhhhhhhhh . . . so give me some lovin’!

A Man of “Mense”: TAE Word for the Day


Mense (pronounced “mens”): (noun) propriety, decorum, manliness, dignity, comeliness, civility (transitive verb) to grace; adorn.  NOT to be confused with “menses.” Totally different meaning . . .

(Propriety is the quality or state of being proper or suitable; decorum refers to appropriateness of behavior, conduct. The plural form decorums refers to the conventions of polite behavior.) 

Mense comes from the Middle English menske (honor), derived from the Old Norse mennska, (humanity), related to Old English (man).

I think we would all agree that Richard Armitage is a well-brought-up gentleman. His parents, teachers and other mentors taught him about good manners, suitable behavior and the importance of civility, and it seems to have stuck.

There are no stories of Mr. A throwing cell phones at beleaguered hotel staff members,  engaging in fisticuffs outside nightclubs, acting like a divo on set or staggering drunkenly around an English neighborhood in the wee hours shouting at the top of his lungs, “I’m Guy of Gisborne. Let me in!”

He is a man who exhibits mense. Polite, soft-spoken, thoughtful, never one to push himself forward, good-humored but never mean-spirited–Richard is an example of manliness in its most beautiful form.

More Studies in Sepia and Autumnal Reflections


You’re a charmer, Mr. M


One of my favorite RA bad boys, John Mulligan.  He’s mighty purty, and he’s a charmer. Is he redeemable or rotten through and through? Yep, one of those characters I would love to discuss with Richard himself. Amongst so many other things . . .
(this video doesn’t appeared to be blocked at my old channel–somehow more than 3,000 people have viewed it. Give it a try . . .)