It’s the time for some sexy, methinks.


Temptation. Attraction. Enticement. Desire. Arousal. Release. It’s the time . . . of the season. Ahhhhhhhhhh . . . so give me some lovin’!

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    • Servetus has to take some of the blame for this post–I had already done the vids and most of the art but she inspired me to put it all together tonight. 😉 Glad you liked! 😀

      • So that didn’t go as planned! I drifted off to sleep with hopes of some smexy chaRActer dream action. I did have a dream, but so odd….I don’t have a clear idea of which chaRActer it was (Porter or Lucas from the short hair) but here’s the odd part: instead of benign sexiness, I was apparently waxing his chest?! (and taking some mildly sadistic delight in it) WTH? Must be a combination of your videos and Servetus’ “Furry Forearms” post right before bed 🙂

  1. *guuh, other inarticulate noises of appreciation* Desire, it’s a good thing, and when the chaRActers are involved, it’s positively toe-curling.

  2. He kisses with such ardour… *sigh*.. My reaction to all the pics above is “oh how hot” except for the one with Sarah Cowfield (sorry) which makes me want to scream “hands off Lucas you evil b*tch!” 🙂

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