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    • And then she gives me the same look she gave me when she was shut out of the bedroom. I found her out in the hall when I went to the bathroom. She was looking up with wide pleading eyes, shaking just a little, not saying a word. Of course, I asked her if she’d like to go back in. She looked at the partially opened door, looked back at me, and then scooted inside. Does she know which side her bread is buttered on or what???

        • And bless my dogs’ hearts, they always look guilty–even when they haven’t done a thing, I got out and played with them today and they are loving this pleasant fall weather. 😀

            • It was really nice, late afternoon, mild and sunny and low-ish humidity. I also just sat for a while and listened to the various birds singing (although I wouldn’t call the sounds the murder of crows was making very musical 😉 )the bees humming and some lovely yellow butterflies flitting by. I need to do more of that, too–sitting, listening, looking and appreciating the Great Outdoors.

              • That’s why I love living here. I get to do that almost every day. The river is behaving itself once again, and the autumn weather is beautiful. Walnuts are ready for harvest, and the persimmons are ripe, although the horses nip at them and spit them out. Tee-hee.

                You got to go back inside and catch Little Thorin and Thumper up to tricks, I’ll bet.

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