What a couple!


Little Thorin arrived today. He and Thumper the Three-Legged Wonder Cat have been getting cozy. I told you she had the Good Taste Gene.

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  1. Great picture! Yes, we knew Thumper has the Good Taste Gene and here’s the proof. It looks like you might have to fight her for Little Thorin, though.

    • LOL I guess it is an unusual name. It comes from the sound she makes when she walks. Because she is missing a back leg, her little butt makes a thumping sound as it bumps the floor when she walks or runs (and she can run, but she tends to go sideways, sort of like a crab scuttling across the beach). 😉 We thought about names related to three- like Tripod, Trifecta, Tribeca–but we ended up going with Thumper. That is also the name of the bunny rabbit character in the Disney movie Bambi. 😉

  2. Hi Angie, is your little Thorin one of the two currently available ones on Amazon.uk (or Amazon.com.)? For me they look different from yours….BTW is Thumper already confiding in his new companion???

    • Yes, from Amazon.com, it’s the 6 inch Bridge Direct figure. I actually think it looks better “in person” than it did online. Oh, yes, Thumper and Little Thorin are getting along very well. 😉 As you will see.

  3. I like your cat, black and white cats can be such a great color combo. We have an almost black with a little white cat called BlackJack. Such a sweet kitty he is. But I don’t think he would give much thought to Little Thorin. But he loves the snow and batting at snowballs and just playing in the stuff.

    • She looks really good against red. I always loved the wardrobe combo of black, white and red. 😀 Snow is not something we experience around here too often. I have some shots of my dogs playing in it from a couple of years ago and they look as if, “What in the heck is this cold white stuff, Mom??” LOL Our cats live indoors, so they got to see it from the windows and patio door.

      • Both son 1 and myself have allergies to cats, but we can have them in small doses and it o.k., but in the winter they get to come in more. The sleep most the time with sons 2 and 3, but in middle of the night come in our room to be let out. We also have a tabby named Tom or Stripes or Tim Tom or Tom Tom. Tom has so many names. They both are great cats. It is funny to watch them in the rain or slushy snow, they pick up there paws and shake them off, they just hate to get wet.

        • It’s funny, Benny is actually the one who has a cat allergy (one thing I am NOT allergic to are animals) and he is the one who wanted us to get a cat in the first place. I saw myself as more of a dog person. Now I am both. 😉

          • Son 3 wanted a mother cat and three kittens. Our dog had died the year before and we had yet to find a new one. On a cold snowy and rainy late April day in 2008 this black cat comes to our house and would not leave, she even found a way into our garage. The next day the boys fed her,but I told them we would have to find her owners,but we did not. I told them we could not keep her due to the allergies, but never got around to it. She was to have 7 kittens and we keep two Tom and BlackJack. The rest we found new homes for. Son 3 called the black mom cat Lucky because he thought she was lucky to find our house. She has since met her end ( not after treeing 4 bears in our yard) but her boys are loved and spoiled.They are great cats with good manners, they don’t get on things that should not.

            • I truly believe animals often choose us instead of the other way around. Lucky was determined to become your cat. It’s good that you were able to find homes for her offspring. 😀

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