You’re a charmer, Mr. M


One of my favorite RA bad boys, John Mulligan.  He’s mighty purty, and he’s a charmer. Is he redeemable or rotten through and through? Yep, one of those characters I would love to discuss with Richard himself. Amongst so many other things . . .
(this video doesn’t appeared to be blocked at my old channel–somehow more than 3,000 people have viewed it. Give it a try . . .)

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  1. Lady Gaga is right. You picked exactly the right music for Mr. Mulligan. He is a monster because he has no ethos, no morality whatsoever, no sense of responsibility — a narcissist certainly, and perhaps a sociopath. With no feeling for others, the only thing that matters is what he thinks works for him. In some ways, I think he is the most frightening character Richard has created.

    • The effect he has is quite amazing–on Ellie and on us in the audience. You can see how he could so easily charm and seduce . . . even the devil can appear to be quite beautiful. It’s a reminder that some of the worst criminals in the world are actually very attractive and personable. They don’t look like scary monsters.

      • They don’t believe they are monsters, either, even while they are doing horrible things. They don’t see it, so often, you don’t see them coming. And after, no guilt, no remorse, no sense that anything they did was in any way wrong.

        • Exactly, no conscience. It’s all quite matter-of-fact to them. I watched a show about BTK (an American serial killer who killed ten people in Kansas over a 30 year period, including two young children) Dennis Raider last night, and to hear him recount the way he tied up these people, tortured them and then killed them (and strangulation is a very slow and terrifying way for someone to die) it sounded as if he was discussing his trip to the grocery store.

          One of the reasons his crimes were so spread out is that he took time off when his wife had their two children and when he went to school to get a criminal justice degree–to better understand how to get away with murder. He blended into the community. He was active in his church, he was a leader of his son’s Scout troop. He compartmentalized his life very successfully. No one ever suspected him until he tripped himself up by sending a CD to the police, not realizing that they could get info from it they could trace back to the computer he’d used.

          In his case, this was also someone who was not abused in his childhood–who had a very ordinary and stable childhood–and yet from an early age he knew he had these urges. Started killing animals when he was quite young . . .

            • Because there was no death penalty in place in Kansas at the time the ten murders were committed (it has since been reinstated) they gave him the maximum penalty allowed, ten consecutive life sentences. Rader, who is 67, would not be eligible for parole for 175 years, or the year 2180. He is kept in solitary confinement 23 hours a day “for the prisoner’s own protection.” Other serial killers like Jeffrey Dahmer have died in prison at the hands of fellow inmates. You hang children, you eat people, your odds are not good in prison. He has solo exercise time during his one hour and access to a shower three times a week. Going to assume those are solo, too, or he’d likely already be dead.

      • Yes and can you just see how an easy target she is for this type of guy?
        Lonely woman fully aware of her attractivness and financial toubles as a bonus

  2. He was amazing as John Mulligan. That longer-than-usual stubble seemed to give him an extra edge. But it was rather scary to watch him play this character as he was so believable. If we were in Ellie’s place I wonder how strong our resistance to him would have been? He was so utterly charming and persuasive! Ellie obviously hadn’t forgotten their high school “fling” though, had she? Didn’t she make the remark that he had been a good kisser?

    The videos are great! You chose great clips and the songs suited them so well. It always gives me chills when you see how he can make his eyes go “dead” at the end.

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