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Studying Little Thorin


As you can see, Thumper is completely taken with her new friend and playmate, Little Thorin. She’s giving him a head rub with her chin at present. She finds those braids–along with everything else about him–quite fetching.

Of course, I find him pretty fetching myself. I’ve been studying Little Thorin’s kit–the sleeveless vented outer coat with the generous fur trim over the short-sleeved slate blue knee-length tunic, a coat of mail beneath the tunic (and, I assume, that fetching black shirt would be hidden beneath the mail).  He’s wearing the “leather” forearm guards (which remind me of S3 Guy, and I love anything that reminds me of Guy, as you may have noticed) and fingerless gloves.

Those remind me of Porter’s fingerless gloves, which I really, really liked.  Accessories are important, don’t you know. The figure doesn’t have Thorin’s bling-bling-his big honkin’ rings, but he’s sporting pretty much everything else, including two weapons.

We’ve agreed it looks as if RA is wearing a kilt in the vlog scene depicted in the above GIF in which he chillaxs with his peeps. I took a peek under Thorin’s pretty blue tunic–I mean Little Thorin’s tunic, of course–and he appears to be wearing matching blue trousers. On the figure, they end at LT’s knee in order to allow the knee joint to be articulated (doesn’t bend, but it does swivel and you can move the leg back and forth a bit to make LT “walk,” or, in my case, do a little dancing. Hey, dwarves like to party hard, right??)

And of course, he’s got those cool boots, complete with decorative toe guards. I really do love this whole ensemble for Mr. Oakenshield. I think the costume designers did a fabulous job.  And then, of course, you have RA’s fabulosity filling it out.

Oh, the hearts that are going to be thudding this December.

All in all, I am well pleased with my Little Thorin action figure. It’s surpisingly heavy–I don’t know, I guess I feared flimsy plastic, but this is quite sturdy–with lots of attention to detail.  The molded hair complete with widow’s peak features hair jewelry and a few distinctive streaks of grey, and the face has that little furrow between the brows, a proper aquiline nose and nice high cheekbones. He’s quite fierce (although Thumper knows he is really a pussycat).  Is he as handsome as the CReAtor? Well, no–but if that was the case, they’d have never gotten the figures out of China. All the employees would have been stealing them!

It’s Thorin Thursday! Fanart & GIFs for YOU


It’s Thursday and time for some Thorin Oakenshield, “legendary warrior, strong, fearless fighter and respected leader of the Company” (I quote from the box my Little Thorin came in)! And some Mr. A workin’ hard (how often does he NOT?) to become Thorin, too.

The dwarf version of the Hokey Pokey.

Rich, are you sticking your tongue out at Graham? Naughty boy.



Oh, Mr. A. You’re gorgeous.


Just some nice images of Mr. A himself.  FYI, I hope to have the final installment of the birthday story this weekend, along with some more of my drawings.  What’s tomorrow? Oh, yes, Guyday . . . what will he think of Little Thorin???