Guyday Friday: Epic!!


Richard in the final series of Robin Hood gave a virtuoso performance, one of operatic grandeur. He ran the gamut of emotions from the depths of despair and self-loathing to a heady, sleek self-confidence; from a man bent on murder and revenge to one heroically arguing for the life of a girl even as his own existence is about to be snuffed out.  He was half-mad, furious, humiliated, smug, scheming, stoic, remorseful, chivalrous, heartbreaking and even funny. He was beautiful. He was–epic.

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  1. I have to remember to breathe when I”m watching Sir Guy in S3 !!! Yes he is epic, incredibly beautiful and soooo manly ! I adore GuyDay Friday !!!!

  2. I loved the transformation of Guy in S3. Didn’t love the end, but he really was all over the board. Amazing. And even that long greasy hair grew on me! Lol. happy guyday!

    • Oh, the end made me cry buckets. 😦 I honestly mourned for Guy more than for some distant relatives TBPH. Which is why I loved him into being and granted him So Not Dead status!! He is amazing, indeed. Happy Guyday Friday to you, too, triski. 😀

  3. Our own medievalish Achilles – profoundly flawed, but irresistably alluring. Kudos to Mr. Armitage – known one else could have crafted Guy so well – and looked so blistering hot doing it!

    • I agree. I don’t think so many of us of would have ever felt the way we did and do about Sir Guy if any other actor had been playing the role. The potent combination of alpha male heat with a heartbreaking vulnerability just gets me every time.

      • I remember seeing the promos for Robin Hood on BBC America in its US run, but never watched it because it just looked weird…clearly not enough Guy in the promos! Question…does anyone know…is there enough behind the scenes extras on the DVD set to make them worthwhile? (I can stream the episodes on Netflix and I’m not likely to do any video editing)

        • There are quite a few goodies. There are behind-the-scenes interviews every series with Richard (and other people too, LOL) Lucy is adorable and her admiration of “the best screen partner I’ve ever had” is quite evident. Hood Academy from S1 is wonderful. It’s about all the stuff they learned-horseback riding, fighting, again, Richard is featured. Also several episodes feature commentaries and Richard is on several of them, although Gordon Kennedy (Little John) will generally not shut up.

          Richard and Lucy are cute together when they comment. 😉

            • Me, too. And it’s wonderful to watch Richard at work. The intensity you can see in his eyes, the deep focus and concentration as he practices with his weapon, as he takes aims with his bow and arrow or rides on Richie using only his legs–no hands. And he’s so intelligent and articulate talking about his work–and that delightful sense of humor.

              • I got ripped off (though it was my own fault as I did not check the product properly before I placed my order!), because I bought the RH box set (I think it’s the Dutch edition) and it turned out that it didn’t include any of the extras Angie mentioned! So, even though it was a bargain, I’m going to have to buy the proper box set with the extras! 😦

              • I have an Australian copy of Spooks 7 which had no extras. I ended up getting the UK version with extras and giving the other one to my sister who also has a region-free player. All my boxed sets came from the UK. It’s always been cheaper even with me having to pay shipping to order from Amazon UK than to get the BBC shows through the US site (and I have Amazon Prime and NO shipping!!)

    • Wouldn’t RA have been a much better Achilles than Brad Pitt in Troy? (On second thought, it wasn’t a very good film so maybe it’s for the best he wasn’t in it! 🙂 )

  4. Getting the box set of Robin Hood was the best thing I did. I have yet to watch all the extras, but have watched a few. My partner in crime, son 2 will watch it with me, but not the extras. I am sure he will be asking when we can watch the whole series over again. He will not tell on who is his favorite person in the show is, but I do think he likes Marian. I saw the last three shows on BBCA, at that time it was a bit weird. I was looking for Marian and there was none till she comes back in the dream to Robin.

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