Sunday Smorgasbord: Second Serving


As with Portah, a bit of serious and silly and sexy. Enjoy!

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  1. I love Mr Thornton because I met Richard watching North and South, his profile is fantastic, this is a picture after the proposal scene, right?
    Richard sleeping, so cute, what a disarming sweetness! (sorry for my English, I’m Italian). Can I wake him with a kiss?

    • Your English is fine. We have several ladies who comment here who are not native English speakers, so you are at home. 😀 Richard is wonderful as Mr. Thornton and he does have a truly beautiful profile. Yes, you are correct about the scene. “Disarming sweetness” is exactly right. I love watching him sleep (or pretend to sleep). Go ahead, give him a kiss! 😉

      • Even those of us who are native speakers are often made speechless, like me right now. I am left with incoherent noises of desire.

      • thanks for the friendly welcome, I feel good here … very good. I can not stop sighing, a masterpiece of man.
        I’m afraid of not being able to contain myself with one single kiss..

        • Good. That’s my hope,that visitors will feel very comfortable and happy and at home here. A place to celebrate Richard together. Who is indeed a masterpiece of a man. And why stop with a single kiss? That is a man who was made to be kissed a LOT. 😉 God wouldn’t have given him such a lovely Cupid’s bow upper lip otherwise!

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