Todd Garner likes my Black Sky poster!


This was on Twitter:

Todd Garner‏@Todd_Garner10h

@MaxD9: @Todd_Garner something to consider …” love it!

So, it seems Todd Garner, the producer for Richard’s tornado disaster film currently in post-production saw my fake film poster for Black Sky and he likes it!  😀

AntoniaRomera kindly let me know by leaving a message for me here this morning. Since I had been under the weather of late, I hadn’t been on Twitter much as my brain can only handle so much sometimes. 😉  Thanks again, Antonia. 😀

Just had to share . . .

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    • Thanks, Suse. Yes, I sent Antonia an email to let her know I really appreciated her heads up. I have been so out of the loop lately. It was very exciting news for me this morning! 😀

  1. Congratulations on the recognition! It is a great poster, you know, and I’m glad Mr. Garner appreciates quality when he sees it. Who knows, maybe your phone will ring?

  2. I love to read such good news Angie !!! Congratulations !
    Don’t you think this means Mr Garner reads blogs, tumblr, forum about RA ? OMG I’m sure of it !!!!
    Did he tease Richard about Armitage Army ???? Certainly.

  3. That’s fantastic! Congratulations Angie!! I’d think people working on projects w/RA would be foolish not make themselves aware of the doings of an incredibly loyal fan base that generally follows his work regardless of genre…as Leigh says, we buy movie tickets (and merchandising – where’s my Black Sky plushie?), and we generally drag the unconverted along with us (ie, friends and/or spouses).

    • Exactly, we are very “brand loyal” 😉 and invest not only our time and attention but also our dollars into following Mr. A’s career (and trying to convert those who have not yet seen the light!!)

      • I tend to take the sneaky approach to conversion: “Whatcha watchin’ ?” “Oh, just a BBC costume drama. It’s really well done. Here, sit down and have a cookie…” And the next thing I hear is usually “OMG, he’s hot!”

        I watched “Captain America” for one reason only and for some reason, those images were the ones that stuck with my co-watcher.

        Now I’m waiting for the rest of the world to be Thorinized/

  4. I was so excited for you when I saw the tweet last night. I know you (as do we) get so much enjoyment out of your Armitage artwork but recognition like that is fabulous. Congratulations! 🙂

  5. Belated congrats Angie! How thrilling is that to get a thumbs up for your poster from a movie producer such as Todd!! No wonder you are having problems sleeping! It’s all that excitment! Oh the possibilities. 🙂 I wonder if Richard will ever get to see it? Do you think Todd keeps in touch with him? I’m excited myself at the thought. 😉

    • It would be lovely to think that RA might see it. 😀 Yeah I am wound up on several counts. I took another pain pill and a muscle relaxer to help with my restless legs, so hoping these will help. I am putting together a post for Monday and sharing some other news with y’all. 😉 And thanks! 😀

  6. Belated congrats from me too Angie! Fantastic news! I’ve been neglecting my twitter account lately, so I haven’t seen this! How cool Mr Garner noticed it and complimented on it! 🙂

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