Daily Archives: October 15, 2012

He looks good in so many colors . . .


Including teal. My gosh, but that is one really attractive male.  Glamorous, alluring, desirable, charismatic.

I hope no one is tired of this particular photo because I never seem to be. *sigh*

Guess who’s coming to my house?


Richard Armitage!

Well, OK, not really.

Actually, it’s the Sultan of Smoulder, the Treacherous Troll, and Forest Boy. In minature. Yes, I have scored a Little Guy with Little Sherry and Little Robin via eBay UK. It was only Little Guy that I wanted of course, but they were sold as a package deal, and for a total of $15.67 with international postage, I got them all.  Many thanks to April73 for giving me the link to the item. You rock, baby!!

They are used, but considering the new and still-in-package Guy I bid on went for nearly $80 with postage *gulp* I figure I still got a bargain.   As for Blobbin and Sherry, I suspect I can come up with some–interesting uses for those two. *Rubs hands together with relish and chuckles evilly* After all, I am not getting those action figures to sit and gather dust on a shelf or with plans to re-sell them. I am going to play with them and release my inner child, naturellement.  😉

Is it just me, or does Little Guy look a bit like an unhappy Matthew McFayden here? Giggling over the fact that from the angle of the photo and position of his quiver,  it appears an arrow is sticking out of the top of Robin’s head. And is that a blob of “hair” on Vasey’s balding pate or is he a really messy eater?

There may be one problem. These figures are apparently 4-5 inches tall. And Little Thorin is 6 inches. Which means the dwarf is taller than Guy. Oh, dear . . .

Someone is not going to be happy . . .

All beards are not created equal


Russell Crowe in NYC recently.

Now, I should point out that Russell is playing Noah in an upcoming film and it appears he’ll be sporting his own whiskers rather than false ones. And it’s got that shaggy billygoat look as a result.

Still, even if Russell’s beard was neatly trimmed, I suspect it still wouldn’t have the WOW factor one feels when gazing at the gentleman below. There are beards, and then there are beards. There are attractive faces, and there are faces of unforgettable, distinctive beauty.  Oh, that bone structure. *sigh*


Happy Monday! Beaches, birthdays & some Richarding


OK, I had such good intentions. I was going to DVR the rest of the shows I watch on Sunday nights and try to get to sleep on the early side. Instead, it’s 1:05 a.m. and I am still awake. I watched all six of the shows–suspense and surprise plot twists, humor, pathos, sweet romance–and thoroughly enjoyed it all.  I just have one question–why do so many of the shows I like end up on the same night??  *sigh*

I have a lot I want to do tomorrow if all goes well, and it may mean not a lot of time spent Richarding. We shall see. Also, remember my post about wanting to be at the beach but with nice fall weather? Well, I am getting my wish.

Lovely Orange Beach. Imagine Benny and I sitting there hand in hand like that. Awwwwwww . . .

This weekend we are going down to Foley/Orange Beach to my sister and BIL’s and I am staying down there for the entire week, with Benny returning to pick me up the following weekend. My oldest sister is also coming down for a few days so we three musketeers will all be together again–and not for a sad occasion.  As you get older, you realize what a plus that is.

And it’s Benny’s birthday on the 20th, so we are all going to celebrate together. My Foley sister (who is the sweetest woman in the world. I kid you not) is going to make Benny a German Chocolate cake.

A yummy-looking German Chocolate Cake. It doesn’t get its name from any connection to the country of Germany. The people who owned the chocolate making business had a very reliable employee whose last name was German. When they developed a new type of chocolate, they named it in honor of Mr. German. It’s a chocolate cake with a cooked frosting featuring pecans and coconut and it’s quite delicious.

So I have something fun to look forward to. Benny is taking today and tomorrow off to do some much-needed trimming of hedges, etc. and other chores while the weather is nice.

And now— some Richard Armitage eye candy to round things out, ladies and gents. 😀