All beards are not created equal


Russell Crowe in NYC recently.

Now, I should point out that Russell is playing Noah in an upcoming film and it appears he’ll be sporting his own whiskers rather than false ones. And it’s got that shaggy billygoat look as a result.

Still, even if Russell’s beard was neatly trimmed, I suspect it still wouldn’t have the WOW factor one feels when gazing at the gentleman below. There are beards, and thenย there are beards. There are attractive faces, and there are faces of unforgettable, distinctiveย beauty.ย  Oh, that bone structure. *sigh*


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  1. Dear me what is THAT on Russell’s face? Noah or not, that looks VERY unkempt. It gave me a fright first when I opened the post and then I just had to giggle- sorry, I have a lot of respect for Mr. Crowe as an actor but that is NOT a good look. And what happened to his hair? Is it tied back in a ponytail?

    • At first I thought it was cropped really short, but it may be slicked back–just not sure. Russell is a really good actor, I agree–but as with Brad Pitt and his billy goat Gruff whiskers, this just doesn’t work for Russell.

  2. Sorry but I had a bit of a giggle too! It took me a moment or two to recognize who it was. I’m sure none of us has a problem whom to choose, shaggy Russell or sexy Richard as seen below? ๐Ÿ˜‰

    No contest!! ๐Ÿ˜€ Hope you don’t mind me adding one more. ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. I’ve just read in the Daily Mail that apparently Russell has just split from his wife of 9 year..Why can’t couples stay together anymore (asks the eternally single woman ๐Ÿ™‚ )?

    • It is sad Judit, I read in this morning’s newspaper that apparently they’ve been living separate lives for the past year or so. Russell has been doing back-to-back movies and has hardly been in Australia, let alone at home with his family. A couple can be together more easily than when children are brought into the equation. The Pitt/Jolie brood travel everywhere together but IMO children need roots and stability, especially once they start school. I’m not sure but I think it was James Nesbitt and Martin Freeman who acknowledged this when they talked about uprooting and bringing their families over to New Zealand for the duration of Hobbit filming. The one advantage of being such a long shoot though was that the families could settle in for an extended period.
      I sometimes wonder if Richard’s family was able to visit him while he was there. I hope so.

      • I should have said in the above comment why “can’t showbiz couples stay together” anymore really but I see so many breakups around me in RL (with small children!), it makes me wonder sometimes why some people bother to get married in the first place…

        • I don’t think some people take the whole thing with the seriousness they should. I mean, now people talk about “starter marriages.” When you look at it like that, you’re going into it assuming that it’s not going to work out. I do know the divorce rate is running 50 percent here in the US for first marriages, and it’s even higher for second marriages. Benny’s boss has been married four times, I think. One of my BILs is on his third marriage (and it seems third time is the charm for him).

            • Many of my daughter’s friends got married for all the wrong reasons and are now divorced. She stayed single, and she doesn’t envy these friends. Imagine, for example, an ex who “loses” your children and you get a call from the police. Or an ex who just decides to take the children to “Burning Man” (perhaps the closest thing to a bacchanale in the modern world) without any notice. Both my daughter and I shudder.

              • My oldest sister rushed into marriage with a guy she had only known a few months and couldn’t stand when they first met. Why? Because all her college chums were getting engaged/married and she felt left out. Yep, they ended up divorcing. Then, as I told Leigh, the second husband turned out to be a smooth-talking charmer of a con man. Divorce # 2. She’s been single for a while now and thinks that is for the best.

              • I completely agree better to be single than to be with a guy (or a gal) for all the wrong reasons. Don’t get married just because all your friends are, because you think this is your last chance, because you lust after each other but don’t really like each other, because hey, you haven’t tried it yet!

              • Or because your parents are pushing you, your biological clock is ticking, your parents are desperate for grandchildren and doing a guilt trip on you, they insist that your current date is “perfect for you” because he’s employed and apparently straight, you figure that the fire is better than the frying pan…

          • It’s a bit like when people talk about “my current husband” or “my current wife” and it turns out they never had another one…But this expression makes their marriage sound as if it’s just a transitory stage.

  4. Holy Crap!! I didn’t even recognize him at first. I was thinking, Who the heck is this biker guy with the beard? Lol I am NOT a beard fan. Never have been, and probably never really will be. I am a bit more partial to the goatee (hubby has one *sigh*). But I have to admit that Richard’s beard did grow on me a bit (figuratively and NOT literally obviously). And while I’m quite happy he is again clean shaven (yea!), I had come to realize just how good he looked in the beard!

    • LOL if you stuck Russell in black leather and tied a bandanna around his head, he really would look like a Hell’s Angel, wouldn’t he??

      My husband had a beard for a while a number of years ago and I thought he looked good, although it did take some getting used to re beard burn ๐Ÿ˜‰ But beards are like long hair for me re men: it’s a case-by-case basis. It works for some, but not for all. Richard, however, can pull off an amazing number of different looks in hair length and style and facial hair. I would love to see him with some nice stubble again. Me likee Richard stubble.

  5. Richard is stunning with or without the beard, IMO, but I’m naturally biased. Normally, my reaction to a beard is, “What is THAT on your face?”, but Richard rocks it. So lovely… Yeah, I look into his eyes and he owns me (not that I imagine he wants to take title).

  6. O.K. I was wondering what was up with this post. Here I thought you just put some random person on your post. But I don’t think I have ever saw any of Russell Crowe”s movies. I am in the backwater of british telly. As for that beard of Richard pretty nice if I do say so. Given that we have a member of staff at work who has the Thorin beard and it looks very close to Richards. It is very weird to say the lest. Looking out in the lunch room when he is on lunch room duty and I want to laugh, I wonder once the kids see the movie if they think the same as me. As for my husband and a beard NO! It would look weird, its how the beard grows in, not to well. Servetus had a great post on this during the summer. He can do a couple days stubble and that is about it, plus that mustache that been there for everit seems. He did shave it off a couple of times in the spring and looked weird again.

    • Richard has such a clean growth pattern for his facial hair–no stray tufts. It allows that stubble to look sexy rather than scruffy as it does with most men. And he has such wonderful bone structure. Russell’s face is more round and less defined than Richard’s.

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