Guess who’s coming to my house?


Richard Armitage!

Well, OK, not really.

Actually, it’s the Sultan of Smoulder, the Treacherous Troll, and Forest Boy. In minature. Yes, I have scored a Little Guy with Little Sherry and Little Robin via eBay UK. It was only Little Guy that I wanted of course, but they were sold as a package deal, and for a total of $15.67 with international postage, I got them all.  Many thanks to April73 for giving me the link to the item. You rock, baby!!

They are used, but considering the new and still-in-package Guy I bid on went for nearly $80 with postage *gulp* I figure I still got a bargain.   As for Blobbin and Sherry, I suspect I can come up with some–interesting uses for those two. *Rubs hands together with relish and chuckles evilly* After all, I am not getting those action figures to sit and gather dust on a shelf or with plans to re-sell them. I am going to play with them and release my inner child, naturellement.  😉

Is it just me, or does Little Guy look a bit like an unhappy Matthew McFayden here? Giggling over the fact that from the angle of the photo and position of his quiver,  it appears an arrow is sticking out of the top of Robin’s head. And is that a blob of “hair” on Vasey’s balding pate or is he a really messy eater?

There may be one problem. These figures are apparently 4-5 inches tall. And Little Thorin is 6 inches. Which means the dwarf is taller than Guy. Oh, dear . . .

Someone is not going to be happy . . .

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  1. I figure for most of us — if we intend to actually play with the things, why spend the extra money to get “in the package,” which loses its value the second we open the package?

    • Exactly. I am not a “collector” trying to make money out of this, hoping they will gain in value. I want to actually play with the figures, just as I have done with Thorin. I just couldn’t see paying that much money for a new Little Guy. As it is, I got three figures for a little less than what I paid for Thorin. The postage was more than the figures were! They ended up only being 50 p a figure. 😉

  2. Didn’t RA say in an interview that Guy has a horse? I don’t tend to buy this sort of thing. I haven’t bought an action figure since Indiana Jones, but Guy and horsie might be a lark. You are going to have to separate the three or Guy will be thinking of things to do to them, or fist fights might break out. It could get ugly. You never know with this rowdy bunch. Just don’t put Thorin in with them or they will all be slain.

    • The horsie is sold separately. 😉 There’s also a castle, but goodness knows what I would have to pay for them, especially new ones. *shudders* I don’t tend to buy this sort of thing either, but as with so many other things in my life, when it comes to RA, the rules are all tossed out. 😉 I am sure I will share some of their misadventures with all of you. *grin*

      • I don’t think I’ve ever seen the horse for sale on ebay. I admit I’m not looking all the time — but the times I have seen the figure for available it’s either been the figure in original package or a handful of figures all together.

        • I didn’t start even looking for Guy until the last few days. It was receiving Thorin that was the impetus for me searching for my Guy. I wonder if there just aren’t that many horses and people want to keep them once they obtain them??

          • Probably it was a more expensive toy to start with so fewer were sold; it’s the kind of thing that often appeals to collectors who want to have the complete set, so doesn’t show up on the internet as often; those kids who did have it and play with it might have found it easier to break? Just some thoughts that occur off the top of my head.

            • Yeah, I would assume it (like the castle) would cost more than the little figures; I am sure there are collectors with horses still in the packages sitting on their display shelves. And knowing kids, especially boys, I could see horsie ending up with broken legs, etc. I would love to have one, but I have to contain my madness to some degree. Again, if you’d told me BRA that I would be on the lookout for action figures at this point in my life–I would have laughed. Never say never . . .

              • I admit that the fact that y’all are suddenly giving on GoG is softening my own relatively lack of interest. But I’m saving my pennies for Thorin …

              • LOL When I thought about how high the bids were going for that new Guy, the thought passed through my head, “That would buy several Thorin books with money left over for other Thorin stuff” 😉

              • Yeah, I don’t think I will be letting him know I basically only paid 50 p for his figure . . . he’d feel as if he’d been–marked down. *sigh*

      • Yes, it exists a box with Guy and its horse, I have bought this one a few years ago, but I’ve never find it again on Ebay.

        I have bought the castle a few years ago too, its was not too expensive (except the shipping cost), so I have Marian, because it was the only way to have it. You can find her separately, but only as the Nightwatchman.

  3. Thanks for the laugh Angie – I have tears in my eyes at your descriptions! Poor Guy, I don’t think “happy” is going to be his reaction to a “taller” Thorin either!

    • I thought the Guy Sniff of Great Disdain would work as his reaction to said news. 😉 I guess I will have to put him on a box. LOL Well, I couldn’t just describe them by name, could I? 😉 Not when I have given them all those fun nicknames . . .

  4. Congratulations Angie ! Now I’m looking forward to a duel between the Sultan of Smoulder and Forest boy. I feel Sir Guy needs to take revenge for being humiliated and treated so unjustly !!!

    • Thanks, Nadia. I am quite sure that this time around the Sultan of Smoulder and Swagger will get the upper hand over Baron Bloatface. Something dire will likely happen to dear old Sherry, too. *fedoralady’s evil side peeking out*

    • I suspect thhat revemge will go much further than winning a duel. After everything that Forest Boy did to Guy, all Guy got to do was throw him off a cliff? Some serious inequality needs to be rectified here.

        • *sigh* is right. You know perfectly well that if any of us had been thrown off that cliff, we’d have multiple compound and complex fractures, contusions, concussion, and probably a laundry list of internal injuries. But idiot Forest Boy comes back like a bad penny, not even a scratch. Silly scriptwriters.

          • I was more busted up from jumping a ditch on a Crown Victoria than he was from being hurtled off a cliff. I still laugh over that scene where Tuck is kneeling over him and rubbing him vigorously. It definitely has homoerotic tones. I like David Harewood as an actor–he’s in Homeland now and doing a pretty good American accent as a CIA bigwig–but I couldn’t abide Tuck’s continuous blathering about the Legend.

            • Yes, I just wanted Screachy and Preachy to put a sock in it. I did get my revenge in an unposted fanfic; it was a bit gruesome, even for me.

              • I have a friend who used to write the most wonderful satires in which she killed off all the various characters in RA’s shows she hated. It was all sweet revenge and devilishly funny!

  5. You’re welcome Angie. 😉

    It’s great, I’m happy that you finally have found a Little Guy. Ok, it’s a used one, but this one has his coat and his sword. A lot of used Little Guy don’t have them anymore. 😉

  6. I can’t help laughing, Poor Guy, smaller than Thorin. I agree, sir Guy’s figure seems like Macfayden. Have a funny time with him.

  7. Congrats on your lovely new purchase, Angie! Erm… Matthew McM has actually got less hair than Little Guy.. But you’re right, they do resemble a little bit. Actually LG resembles MM more than his own cReAtor! 🙂 I think as far as likeness goes, the Vasey figurine is the best! I guess the best thing about having a Bobbin and Vasey figurine is that now you can make Guy win in all the swordfights! Sweeeeet revenge!!!

    • Sweet revenge indeeed! It just might make up for taller Thorin. I didn’t think Little Guy looked like Richard or I would have bought myself an “action figure”.

    • I was thinking more in the face re the resemblance, not the hair. 😉 The hair is actually fairly accurate for LG. But from a cursory glance you could easily think that was an action figure of MM from some earlier production LOL As we’ve discussed, he really isn’t aging particularly well. I saw previews of some new movie and MM is looking very middle-aged now.

      I agree, LV looks the most like the real character. He even has one of his precious birds. 😉

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