Color & Light for Tuesday


It’s not Monday but I am in the mood for Monet as portrayed by our lovely Richard in The Impressionists. I know some of you are experiencing a wet, gloomy day so perhaps a bit of our passionate painter and his lovely art would be in order? Happy Tuesday!

“Cliffs Near Dieppe” by Monet

This particular painting has been stolen and recovered twice from the Musee Des Beaux Arts in Nice.

“Irises” in Monet’s garden at Giverny

“Field of Tulips”

Boating party enjoying a spot of fishing at Giverny.

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  1. I love the impressionists, especially Monet. I always smile when I look at them both for their beauty and for my mother’s interpretation…she argues that they all must have been nearsighted since everything is blurred 🙂

  2. I love The Impressionists, and Monet in particular. When I watched the series I liked a lot, so colorful and he is so different from Mr Thornton. The joy of life is contagious, and I bought a water lily. Thanks for coloring this gray day.

    • You are welcome. The joie de vivre RA brought to his performance of Monet was delightful and contagious. And the photography was simply beautiful. Any art lover, regardless of whether or not they liked RA would enjoy this, I think.

      • Thank for such an uplifting post today and for your words above. So true! I know of people who know nothing of Richard who were blown away by The Impressionists! Now when I think of Monet or look at any of his paintings it’s Richard I see as the artist. As he has in other roles, he simply inhabits that character. Enchanting!

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