Real Richard for Wednesday


Some fanart based on various candids and photo stills of our man over the years.






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  1. his laugh is wonderful, I think that he is sincere and not fake: the third one, fifth and sixth are my favorite pictures. I love him in all versions. About the eyes and the beard there are no words: WOW.
    I must reduce the caffeine, with all these photos of Richard I’m quite shaken (ok, I am also angry because in the English series Downton Abbey they have killed my favorite character … I hate when they kill the characters, I still have to recover me from the death of Lucas and Guy. it’s unjust). Thanks for calming down my anger with your artworks.

  2. It’s a very natural, unforced, from the heart sort of laugh as are his smiles. You can see the humor and goodwill reflected in his beautiful eyes.
    Sorry to hear that about Downton Abbey. I won’t get to see it until after the first of the year here. I hate it when favorite characters die, too. That’s why I want Mr. A to play a few roles where he SURVIVES. After Guy, Lucas and John Porter (and later on, Thorin) it’s time for a break from death.

    • I refused to see Strike Back 2, I prefer to remember that John Porter goes away .. Sorry for the spoiler about DA, I will not write anything else. I agree with you, we want some roles with a happy ending for him, it’s time to hope.

      • Giulia, Strike Back 2 is being screened here in Australia, and as much as I would like to have seen even just a few minutes of Richard in the first episode, I couldn’t bring myself to do so. Too painful. I’ve been in tears just looking at the screencaps. I absolutely adore Porter, and like to think of him as having returned home safely (he is very resourceful after all) and reuniting with his daughter. Aaaargh, those writers! I have my own happy ending for Lucas North as well!

        • I will NEVER watch that scene again. It was awful. If you think the screencaps were bad, and they were, oh, seeing the video—oh, no. 😦 And yes, Porter is very resourceful, very smart and I don’t see him as falling into those terrorists’ hands and staying there. Why make darling Alex an orphan??

          • !@#$%^&*! writers! They come up with such sorry messes. That is why we resort to fanfic. We can and do write plausible, strong stories where the chaRActers don’t get killed, where we tie up loose ends, and do a proper job of keeping the people behaving in character — and we work cheap! (We have to do it for nothing, or they’d nab us for copyright violation.) Yes, we have loved some of the chaRActers into being, so they are SND, but there was no good reason for them to be killed off in the first place.

  3. Where did you get the photo of Blue Eyed Soul? Didn’t you also use it in your video, “He’s So Shy”? I absolutely adore that picture, and I don’t remember seeing it anywhere else. I could gaze at that person forever. Now, since you’ve posted it, I can. He is definitely not a baddie, not a mean or deceitful iota in him. They say that the eyes are the windows of the soul. This particular blue eyed soul makes me happy to be alive, ane I suspect it is not a role.

    • That’s a crop of a photo of him from the first BAFTA ceremony he attended. I found it originally on Allthingsrarmitage. So I played around with it to give the color more punch and added the words. Unless he is an even better actor than I believe him to be–and I have a very high opinion of his talents–I can only believe there is a good man behind those beautiful blue peepers of his.

  4. Probably, there is a secret deal between the writers and manufacturers of Kleenex, I don’t Know. I take another look to his smiling and joyful eyes 😉

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