The RAinbow Connection


Look what RA’s done so far . . . he’s so amazing, he keeps us star-gazing, who knows who next he’ll play?

Somehow we’ve found him, the RAinbow Connection, the lovely, the brilliant RA  . . .  (with apologies to Kermit the Frog)

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  1. he always gives me the impression that he looks inside of me, sometimes I have to look down, and there are simply pictures WoW! Stunning work, I really appreciate the magic of brightness.

  2. I wish I knew more about the casting business…………do you wait for the phone call or do you leap into the agent’s office and say ‘you’re available again.’?
    I love all your photos…………it’s a real shame a lot of the bloggers have paused/stopped……I do hope you will continue.

    • I have no plans to stop, sapphire, never fear, unless something really unexpected and overwhelming happens. Thanks for the kind words!!

      As to the casting process, I would assume RA’s agent would be putting out feelers for potential good roles for his client, taking into account the time he’ll have to spend next year filming the rest of the scenes for the trilogy so they can schedule around it. Another good question to ask him: explain the typical casting/audition process. 😉

  3. Lovely work Angie. I LOVE the one with the stars. Stunning photo and you did a brilliant job with it. I always know right where to go so that I can always get my fill of RA goodness. 🙂

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