Daily Archives: October 18, 2012

Soaring with Thorin!


Another idea for promotion of The Hobbit. He certainly makes our hearts soar, right?

The bad news is my glands are swelling in my neck, throat is sore and head aches. ^%%$*&@!%   ‘Tis the season . . . please let me be able to sleep!

The good news is my freshly shampooed and conditioned hair is shiny and sweet-smelling and full of body. I am having a Good Hair Night. “It is better to look marvelous than to feel marvelous” LOL

Thumper discovered the wonders of fresh catnip tonight courtesy of her daddy. A slightly stoned three-legged tuxedo cat with a Hitler mustache can be very entertaining. She appeared to be feeling no pain.

And in a couple of days I will be at the beach, hopefully feeling much better.   Fingers crossed! Tomorrow I need to run to town and pick up a few items pre-trip, including preparations for Benny’s birthday Saturday, and do some packing (once I figure out what I am taking to wear).

In the meantime, here’s some more Thorin including the giant mural in NYC of Thorin & Company kindly shared in a link with us by JaneGael. Thank you, Jane! Thorin–larger than life! *thud*

This 150-feet-tall mural–actually painted rather than printed as most are today–will be on display for a number of weeks in NYC. Thorin and Company have arrived in the Big Apple!

Some fun Thorin fanart on a gloomy LA day


Thunderstorms rolled through this morning. I woke up earlier and couldn’t get back to sleep. I went and got a cat to cuddle and played with some more photo editing to pass the time. It’s dark and gloomy here at present but these images brighten things up for me–and I hope, for you. Have a good Thorin Thursday!